Chapter 1595: The Situation Has Gone Out of Control (6)

"One day, I'll take everything you've done to us, and throw them back to you exponentially."

"Haha# I'm looking forward to that. Qin Chu, don't think too highly of yourself. A man who needs his woman to go to jail for him# and you talk about how much you love Mian. What a fake..."

"I'd rather be fake than be a low life like you. At least I haven't harmed anyone. You, on the other hand# how many dead bodies have you stepped over to get to where you are today? Huo Siqian, aren't you afraid of karma?"

"Haha# Qin Chu, are you kidding me? Karma? If God really existed, he would have rescued me when I was a child. Since he's blind and ignorant, why should I care about him? The only one that can save me is myself. Qin Chu, from this moment on, our war has started. It's good that Mian's in prison. When she comes out, I'm not sure if she'll even see your corpse."

"Oh yeah? Let's see who ends up dead without a whole corpse."

With that, both men hung up their phones...

Qin Chu walked to the window and watched the outside coldly.

He couldn't feel a single trace of warmth...

His heart froze ever since Huo Mian's arrest.

Death without a whole corpse was too light of a punishment for a man like Huo Siqian. As far as Qin Chu was concerned, his bones should be ground and its powder scattered.

"Mian# don't be afraid. This time, I'm giving it my all."

Qin Chu lifted his hand and caressed the window pane. It was as if his fingers were tracing over the lines of a delicate face.

Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling were at home, sitting in dead silence.

Zhu Lingling couldn't do anything but cry, and Gao Ran didn't know what to say.

He called Qin Chu, but the latter didn't pick up; he didn't know what he was supposed to do.

Suddenly, Gao Ran's phone began to ring...


"Gao Ran, it's me, Zhixin."


"I called Lingling but her phone's off."

"Oh# maybe her phone's out of battery. Anything I can help you with, Zhixin?"

There was silence on the other side of the call...

Zhixin then said, "Gao Ran, where's my sister?"

"Oh, uh# your sister's very busy recently. You know, there's a lot involved in running a corporation. They're so busy they're losing their heads..."

"Don't lie to me. I have a classmate in C City, and he told me everything. He said that my sister's a murderer."

"Zhixin, don't worry about it too much. Your sister didn't kill anyone. She only confessed to save your brother-in-law..."

"I called him but he didn't pick up."

"He's not feeling too good right now. He's probably not going to answer any phone calls."

"Gao Ran, I'm coming home."

"Zhixin, don't be brash. It's really messy here. You coming back right now might add to the problem and make your sister even more worried. Seriously, listen to me, we'll find a way."

"I'm already on my way back, I'm transferring flights right now. I'll arrive in C City tomorrow."

"What..." Gao Ran was surprised by Zhixin's quick return.

"My mom didn't come with me. I asked my friends over there to take care of her. I told her I'm going on a trip for school..."

"That's good then..." Gao Ran sighed a breath of relief. Huo Mian's mother would probably faint from the news if she found out everything that happened.

- Su Yu's private mansion -

Su Yu was busy talking on the phone.

"Young Master Su# I really cannot agree with this. You know how important this case is. Mayor Song already told us multiple times that this woman's on death row. She's basically as good as dead and no one is allowed to see her."

"Warden# if I remember correctly, your son's a company commander in the army base?"

"Yes, yes, yes."

"A company commander's too low of a position. I think he should be promoted to a battalion commander."

"Uh..." The man hesitated.

"Also, I heard that your eldest daughter and her husband's company is having some difficulty. Maybe Su Financial Bank can loan them money without interest..."

"Young Master Su, I can't..."

"How does one billion sound?"

"Young Master Su# please don't ask me to do this. I really can't..."

"3 billion."

"I# I don't know if I should, Young Master Su."

"It's settled then, I'll be there tomorrow at 9 AM. I want to see Huo Mian, and if she's missing even a hair, I'll need an explanation from you." With that, Su Yu hung up the phone with a cold laugh.