Chapter 1594: The Situation Has Gone Out of Control (5)

"She didn't say# she just said to not worry about her safety, and that she'll be fine. You, however, need to leave. One more day of staying here means one more day of danger. "

"Isn't she in danger also? She's the one facing the death penalty soon." Qin Chu's expression heavied at the thought of this.

What was Huo Mian thinking? How could he leave without her?

"She said that she'll be fine. Huo Siqian won't let anything happen to her." Jiang Xiaowei delivered Huo Mian's words verbatim.

Indeed, Huo Siqian's perseverance towards Huo Mian was evident to everyone. 

He wouldn't watch her die without a fight...

"But don't forget# Huo Siqian's not a god. There's still Mayor Song. He's been in that position for many years and is very well connected. He has connections with so many people in jail and is capable of killing Mian without Huo Siqian even finding out. I can't take that chance. I can't count on him to keep her safe..."

"Then what are you going to do?" 

"Kill Huo Siqian, then find any way possible to get into prison. Even if everything fails, even if my world ends, I will still save my Mian..."

With that, Qin Chu got up and left...

"Qin Chu..." Jiang Xiaowei wanted to say more, but Qin Chu didn't give her the chance.

Huo Mian wanted nothing more than for Jiang Xiaowei to persuade Qin Chu into leaving, but how could he?

Jiang Xiaowei knew that it was useless. Qin Chu wasn't going to listen to her.

Both Jiang Xiaowei and Zhu Lingling were Huo Mian's best friends...

However, Huo Mian didn't tell Zhu Lingling about any of this. She was too emotional; her feelings were always written on her face.

Since she couldn't hide her feelings, Huo Mian could only count on her pregnant friend, Jiang Xiaowei.

Jiang Xiaowei had been helping Huo Mian keep this a secret from everyone. She knew about Huo Mian's plan to deliver a confession ever since the night they had dinner together.

The police would never find out that Huo Mian had manipulated their medical examiner.

Actually, the police had followed Huo Mian and Lin Mingyu to their meetup the other day.

In fact, they even bugged the restaurant, but they didn't hear Lin Mingyu disclose any important information.

Since they couldn't find anything, the lead didn't go anywhere. They never imagined that Huo Mian had already planted the virus into Lin Mingyu's phone.

As a top-tier hacker, she hadn't touched a computer for years.

Even this small virus was developed overnight. The beauty of the virus was its ability to steal information within three minutes of coming into contact with a computer.

The virus would then disappear from the device as if it had never been compromised.

Therefore, nothing suspicious would turn up, even if someone examined Lin Mingyu's phone afterward.

Even the phone's owner, Ling Mingyu himself, didn't discover that he was being used...

Huo Mian felt guilty for taking advantage of Lin Mingyu, but her hands were tied. She wouldn't have manipulated him if she had any other choice.

In the next morning, Qin Chu headed towards GK's headquarters in his Maybach.

As he got off the highway, an incoming large truck came straight for him.

He quickly steered away from the truck, managing to avoid a crash...

In the next moment, however, a grey van appeared out of nowhere, almost grazing Qin Chu's car...

Qin Chu made another sharp turn, but this time, two motorcycles suddenly appeared. 

The bikers were dressed in racing gear and were wearing thick helmets on their heads.

They were even carrying baseball bats in their hands...

As they rushed toward Qin Chu, they aimed their bats at his car windows.

With his left hand on the wheel, Qin Chu took out a gun with his right hand.

His first shot blew out the tire of the first bike and his second, the tire of the other.

The two bikes crashed in tandem thanks to speed and inertia...

Qin Chu escaped by the skin of his teeth, barely surviving the fatal predicament.

It was lucky that he did. Otherwise, he would have been sandwiched into a meat pancake.

This was definitely not an accident; someone had planned all of this...

All of the surrounding bystanders were stunned by the sight. They thought that they had stepped onto some sort of Hollywood film set!

As soon as Qin Chu entered his office, his cell phone began to ring...

The caller was Huo Siqian.

Qin Chu hesitated for a moment before picking up...

"Did you like my present?" Huo Siqian chuckled lightly.