Chapter 158: Clash

Chapter 158: Clash
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"Don't worry, unlike Shen Jiani, I meant no harm," Jiang Hong explained, in fear that Huo Mian would be worried.

"Okay, where should we meet?"

"How about this, I'll arrange for a car to pick you up." Jiang Hong was very cautious; she didn't say anything about the location but instead arranged for the driver to pick Huo Mian up.

Huo Mian waited no more than ten minutes when a black Mercedes-Benz slowly parked in front of her.

Then, the driver drove her to a high-class social club in the urban development zone.

Huo Mian raised her head and looked over; she had heard about this club, which claimed to be a place where rich ladies gathered.

Normal people had absolutely no right to enter. Some even said that the club was a subsidiary that belonged to Mrs. Huo, and, from what she saw, it truly seemed to be the case.

Huo Mian was more cautious than ever because Jiang Hong was Huo Siqian's foster mother.

In her mind, she always thought that this mother-son duo wasn't easy to deal with. In comparison, they were more of a headache than Shen Jiani and Huo Yanyan, who were only calculative on the surface.

She got into the elevator, got off at the eighth floor, and spotted Jiang Hong in the room furthest to the back.

Jiang Hong was over fifty years old but had taken great care of herself. Her skin was wrinkleless, and she wore a deep red cheongsam and a dazzling pink diamond on her finger.

It was said that Jiang Hong and Huo Zhenghai's marriage was only for business purposes, and Huo Zhenghai was always involved with scandals with other women and was the father of countless illegitimate children.

However, he never divorced his wife.

Even so, Shen Jiani was able to enter this family as the second wife, shocking everyone around them.

"Huo Mian, you've come. Sit," said Jiang Hong gracefully, with a faint smile on her face.

Huo Mian couldn't tell if she meant well or harm from her smile because this woman was capable of hiding well behind her facade.

"Okay." Cautiously, Huo Mian slowly sat down.

"What would you like to drink?" asked Jiang Hong.

"Just water."

"You're quite a humble child." Jiang Hong smiled and waved her hand. Shortly afterward, the server brought over a glass of water and placed it in front of Huo Mian.

However, Huo Mian didn't plan on drinking it#

She ordered water out of respect for Jiang Hong, but that didn't mean she had to drink it.

All these years, she never allowed herself to drink anything that anyone she didn't trust offered her. It was a form of self-protection.

Jiang Hong saw through Huo Mian and didn't force her. Instead, she asked, "I hear that you're a nurse at the First Hospital."


"Is the job alright for you?" Jiang Hong continued to ask.

"Yes, I like this job."

"You've never thought about coming back to this family?" Jiang Hong raised a glass of wine and asked nonchalantly.

"No, I've never thought about it," Huo Mian replied with determination.

"Is that the truth?"


"You're special. What's so bad about coming back? You would at least have money, and be much better off than you are now. By then, not only would you be able to be a nurse, you can even be a doctor. We'll find a way."

"Yes, having money is great. It could satisfy a lot of desires, but money isn't easily earned. I never believed that I had a share in the Huo family's inheritance. Even though my last name is Huo, that doesn't mean anything. Plus, Mr. Huo didn't even admit to who I was back then."

"Are you mad at him?" Jiang Hong looked at Huo Mian with a smile and was suddenly interested in the young woman sitting before her.

No wonder her son always talked about her...

"I hated him when I was young," replied Huo Mian honestly.

"How about now?" asked Jiang Hong with a smile.