Chapter 1503: A Tender Night (4)

Huo Mian was ecstatic all throughout the way to find Qin Chu. She held onto her phone tightly and rewatched the video of the Celebrity Snooker Night over and over again.

She actually knew how to read lips, but she was afraid that her emotions would cause her to make a mistake.

During a sensitive moment like this, she needed to be 100% sure.

Xiaowei was a bystander, and moreover, she was a professional psychologist.

Therefore, to be safe, Huo Mian asked Xiaowei to translate before she could be sure.

There was no doubt that Huo Siqian had said the word 'identity' to Qin Chu that night. 

All this time, the thing that Qin Chu cared the most about was her true identity. Qin Chu could tell Huo Mian really wanted to find her family, and so, he had always been secretly searching. Huo Mian wanted to give up, but despite the death of the people he had sent, Qin Chu was determined to find the truth.

What Huo Siqian said to her during the Celebrity Snooker Night was surprisingly different than what he said to Qin Chu.

Huo Siqian knew about her identity all along but never brought it up.

Perhaps he was just waiting for a good opportunity to threaten Qin Chu?

Was there something more behind her identity? Why would Qin Chu rather take on the burden himself and ask for a divorce instead of telling her the truth?

On her way to GK, the gears in Huo Mian's brain turned at an amazing speed and as everything began to click, she couldn't help but blame herself for not noticing the details earlier.

If she figured things out sooner, neither she nor Qin Chu would have suffered so much.

By the time she got to GK Headquarters, Qin Chu wasn't in his office.

"Where's my husband?"

"Young Madam# The president left work already."

"I know he left work, but where did he go? Did he go home or...?"

"I# I don't know."

"Yang, how have I treated you in the past?" Huo Mian said after a moment, clearly taking a different strategy.

"Young Madam, you've always treated me very well. Both my wife and I see you as our idol."

"If that's the case, how can you not even tell me where he went?"

"No, it's# it's just, the president# He#" Yang opened his mouth and closed it again, not sure what to say.

"Don't worry. He won't blame you, trust me."

"The president went to Xiangjiang hotel that was opened recently in Gaoxin district, there's a dinner party there tonight."

"Okay, thanks," Huo Mian thanked Yang and immediately took a taxi to Xiangjiang Hotel.

Much like her, Qin Chu would very rarely attend business dinner parties. But apparently it was owned by the daughter of a provincial official, so all the entrepreneurs in C City needed to show up to pay their respects.

It was no surprise that by the time Huo Mian arrived at the entrance of the hotel, dozens of luxury cars were lined up, waiting to be parked by the valet.

Right at that moment, Huo Mian received a notification on her phone.

"Where are you?" The WeChat message was from Su Yu.

"Xiangjiang Hotel."

"Why are you there?"

"To see Qin Chu."

"Mian, listen. You need to calm down. Now is not the time," Su Yu tried to comfort and persuade her at the same time.

"No, I don't want to wait another day, it's too long." Contrary to what she had just said, Huo Mian was actually a very patient person. But this time, she found herself not wanting to waste another second. She needed to see Qin Chu immediately.

"Mian, listen to me."

"I'm listening."

"Huo Siqian is in there too. If you find Qin Chu now, you'll reveal everything. By then, everything you've done prior to this would be pointless."

"You're right." Huo Mian had been too overjoyed by her findings and completely forgot about the possibility that Huo Siqian might show up too. Actually, correction, he would most definitely show up.

"So, do you want to come back first? We'll talk it out and make a plan?" Su Yu really wanted to help Huo Mian, from the bottom of his heart. Even though he was just like Qin Chu and wanted her all to himself, he would rather see her happy, more than anything.

So, between helping Huo Mian becoming married again and watching Huo Mian suffer as a divorcee, he chose what would make Huo Mian happy.

"I will be careful. I just# I just really want to see him." Upon finishing her sentence, Huo Mian put her phone in her bag and walked into the hotel.

"Hey, look! Isn't that the ex-wife of GK's president?" As soon as she walked in, those that had recognized her began to discuss in a low voice among themselves.