Chapter 1498: The Huo Family’s Doors Will Always Stay Open for You (9)

"We got divorced."


Enraged, Mrs. Qin slapped Qin Chu across the face with all her might. "You scoundrel, how could you get a divorce! Why didn't you discuss something this big with us? Did you think we were dead!"

Mrs. Qin was so angry she was about to burst into flames. GK was faced with crisis after crisis while Qin Yumin's health deteriorated fast. Huo Mian ran back and forth between the company and hospital like she was their own daughter.

The old couple was heartbroken to see her so busy 每 she was the best daughter-in-law they could ask for.

She could overlook the fact that Qin Chu didn't tell them when he got married, but how could he not tell them they were getting divorced?

No wonder they hadn't seen Huo Mian around over the last two days#

When Mrs. Qin heard the nurses gossip about it, she thought it was just a rumor, but it wasn't!

"Mom# this is between the two of us, don't worry about it."

"What the hell are you talking about? How can we not worry about it, you're my son! Why did you get divorced? What do you not like about Mian?"

"Nothing, things# aren't that simple. Let me explain later. Just stop asking for now, will you?"

Then, Qin Chu walked up to his father. "Dad#"

Qin Yumin looked the other direction and didn't say anything; he seemed to be angry at his son as well.

"Dad# get some rest, I'll conduct your surgery next Monday."


"Don't be stubborn# I'll perform the surgery myself, don't feel pressured."

"I'll refuse surgery if Mian doesn't come."

"Dad#" Qin Chu was surprised by how stubborn his father was.

"Tell Mian to come, I want to see both of you at the same time, or else I'd rather die than have the surgery," Qin Yumin demanded. He didn't think there was anything in the world that could separate a couple like Qin Chu and Huo Mian.

What he said was not just a threat, but also an opportunity for them to talk things out#

"I have to get back to the company now#" Exhausted, Qin Chu didn't want to confront his parents anymore.

Huo Mian arrived right after Qin Chu left, but they didn't bump into each other.

She would never turn her back against her in-laws just because Qin Chu divorced her. Therefore, she went to the First Hospital as soon as she recovered from the initial shock.

"Mom, Dad." She still addressed them the same way.

"Mian, you're finally here!" Mrs. Qin went up in tears, holding tightly onto Huo Mian's hands. "We thought we'd never see you again#"

"Mom# even if Qin Chu and I are divorced, I'll still treat you like my own mother. I will never forget what you've done for me." Huo Mian smiled as she placed the vegetables and fruits down on the table, "I bought some vegetables and was thinking about making Dad some soup. His surgery is next week, he has to eat properly."

"Mian# you and Chu#" Qin Yumin opened his mouth to say something, but Huo Mian interrupted him and smiled, "Dad# he must have a reason for what he did, you shouldn't pressure him. He's probably in an awful mood as well. It's okay, I know this period will pass, and our separation is just temporary."

Upon hearing this, Qin Chu's parents felt much better. Huo Mian chatted with them for a while and made Qin Yumin some vegetable soup.

Before she left, Mrs. Qin slowly asked, "Mian, your dad's surgery is next Monday#"

"I'll be there," Huo Mian said with determination, touching the hearts of the old Qin couple.

"Okay, we'll wait for you."

After Huo Mian left, Zhu Lingling called her; she and Gao Ran were waiting for her at a hotpot restaurant nearby.

Ever since the incident, they haven't even had a chance to talk. Since Huo Mian was doing good today, she decided to meet up with her friends.

To her ultimate surprise, she bumped into Huo Siqian and Mo Xue'er outside the hospital#

Mo Xue'er had been doing well recently. After signing with the Huo Corporation, she became a permanent guest star of a reality show and was now more popular than ever.

Recently, she was the one who tagged along with Huo Siqian to all the events and parties; it seemed like Song Yishi had disappeared or something.

When they bumped into each other, Mo Xue'er's expression filled with animosity. "Hey, isn't this Mrs. Qin? Oh, I'm sorry, you're not anymore, you're the ex now."

With a smile, Huo Mian looked at Mo Xue'er in the face. "Movie Queen Mo, are you here to get an abortion again?"

Upon hearing this, Mo Xue'er's expression changed immediately.