Chapter 1482: Huo Mian, Let’s Get a Divorce (13)

"No," Qin Chu sighed and decided not to tell Mian about what just happened. If he told her, she would definitely go looking for her father and sister. Once her identity was revealed, she would have to live a life of chasing, escaping, blood, and murder.

Qin Chu didn't want that for his wife. He didn't want her to be afraid of falling asleep, he didn't want her to worry about being murdered, and he didn't want her to be constantly afraid of being captured.

After all, she lived as an ordinary person for more than 20 years and wasn't used to the life that her sister had long gotten used to.

Moreover, she wasn't someone Qin Chu could protect every minute of every day.

Qin Chu came to this conclusion after thinking about it long and dark.

"Honey# you look exhausted."

"I am." Even his voice sounded tired.

"Should I ask Uncle Li to bring our dinner upstairs to the bedroom?"

"No, it's okay. Let's just eat here."

Then, Qin Chu let go of Huo Mian and the two of them ate dinner quietly.

Huo Mian felt weirded out by Qin Chu's silence#

"Honey, is there something on your mind?"


"Does the food today not suit your appetite?"

"It's fine."

"They why are you#" Before Huo Mian could finish her sentence, Qin Chu looked up and interrupted her, "Honey, let's eat."

He was basically telling her to stop talking so they could have a quiet dinner.

For the first time, Huo Mian felt insecure.

Qin Chu had never treated her this way. Whether it was seven years ago at school or seven years later after they got married, he always treated her with patience and love.

Huo Mian felt like Qin Chu was annoyed at her. However, he wasn't a fickle man and there was no way that he would be sick of her.

Was he breaking down from all the pressure he had endured recently?

Huo Mian's mind ran wild as she quietly finished dinner. Afterward, Qin Chu was just about to head upstairs when she grabbed his arm.

"Honey, come on. I have work to do."

"No, stay downstairs and watch TV with me."

Qin Chu: "#"

"They all say that only idiots can't separate work from living. Life is limited but work isn't, there's too much money out there for you to earn, so you can't prioritize money before yourself# you're off work already, it's unfair to me when you use your personal time to tend to company matters#"

"Mian#" Qin Chu tried to persuade her, but Huo Mian shook her head. "I don't care, you have to stay with me, or else I'm going to cry."

Then, she stared at him with misty eyes, as if she was about to burst into tears in the next second.

Qin Chu didn't know whether to laugh or cry#

He dotingly rubbed Huo Mian's head. "Okay then. Don't cry, I'll stay downstairs with you."

"Yay, awesome!" Huo Mian's tears immediately broke into laughter; she should really be given the best actress award.

The truth was, Qin Chu was scared to see Huo Mian or be with her.

On one hand, he wanted to spend as much time as he could with her because he might not have a chance to in the future.

On the other hand, he was scared to face her, because then he might not be able to ask her for a divorce.

Huo Mian was not someone who could accept the fact that she was being divorced. After all, it was so sudden, and she was not at all prepared.

In the end, Qin Chu couldn't bear seeing Huo Mian cry. Even though he knew she was doing it on purpose, he still tolerated her stubbornness.

Huo Mian pulled Qin Chu onto the living room couch. Then, they began watching the New Calabash Brothers. (TL Note: It's a cartoon for kids, similar to something like Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer)

Qin Chu was completely speechless by Huo Mian's choice of entertainment, but Huo Mian enjoyed herself immensely.

"Honey# your taste is a little#" Qin Chu had no comment towards his wife's choice of entertainment.