Chapter 148: Incident

Chapter 148: Incident
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"Hey, you're barely out of the woods, let's not talk about me. Are you hungry? I can make you some food."

Zhu Lingling knew that Huo Mian was instinctively avoiding her question, which meant that there was still something between her and Qin Chu.

"Yeah, I am. Can you make me some instant noodles?"

"I don't have junk food like that at home, have some hot noodle soup instead. I'll make you some, one second."

With that, Huo Mian put on her apron and headed for the kitchen.

With Huo Mian's company, Zhu Lingling became much more emotionally stable. After some noodle soup, she took a hot shower and fell right asleep.

The next day, they left the condo together 每 Huo Mian headed to work, and Zhu Lingling headed home.

Before they parted, Huo Mian was still worried so she reminded Zhu Lingling again, "Remember what I told you. Delete and block him from WeChat and your phone. You need to cut off all methods of communication, or else you'll just suffer more. If you still can't snap out of it, then his wife's life will become yours in the future."

"I know, girl, don't worry. Thanks for taking care of me last night."

"Just go home. Call me if you need anything."

After saying goodbye to Zhu Lingling, Huo Mian went to the First Hospital.

Work at the laboratory was simple; plus, they weren't busy because there were a lot of people on-call.

The employees at the lab were really nice to Huo Mian and Huang Yue, much to Huang Yue's elation.

When they had the time, she and Huo Mian would gossip about random things.

"Hey, Mian, the pregnant patient who you performed surgery on the other day is being discharged. They ran tests on her baby, and she's doing well also."

"Yeah, that's good. When I passed by the newborn clinic, I saw her baby. She's very healthy," Huo Mian smiled.

"Actually, she has you to thank. If it weren't for you, she and her baby would have died. While we're on that subject, that patient is really ungrateful. She didn't even thank you after the surgery, and she's acting as if we owed it to her or something."

"You can't hold that against her. She's probably weak after surgery and isn't in the right state of mind."

Huang Yue immediately refuted, "So even if she doesn't know how to say 'thank you', what about her family? His husband knelt that night and begged us to save them. Now that he found out that the baby is a girl, he disappeared from the hospital and was never seen again. I heard that it was the patient's own family that came today to pick her up, her husband's family didn't even show up. It sucks that this society looks down upon girls."

Huo Mian felt the same way, "These old ideologies have taken so much away from women. If we all gave birth to boys, then who will they marry in the future? Humans will cease to exist."

"Haha, right? These people are all idiots. But that's okay, women will become more and more valuable, you know what they say 每 scarcity equals value. My mom told me that when I get married, we need more than a hundred thousand yuan in gifts, and the guy must own a house and a car. There are 30 million single men in our country, we have the right to be stubborn and picky."

Huo Mian smiled without saying anything#

"Mian, since your boyfriend is so rich, when you guys get married, the ceremony will be grand and fabulous, won't it?" Huang Yue suddenly asked.

"Um#I don't think so. We don't like to be flashy."

She thought back at the day she and Qin Chu got their marriage license; it wasn't grand nor fabulous.

But that was her wish anyway, the fewer people that knew, the better.

If their relationship went public, Qin Chu's mother and her mother would explode. Then, the world will probably fall into chaos.

She didn't even want to think about it.

Then, her phone rang. She looked down at her phone and saw the caller ID. Her expression softened.


"Sis, I'm going back to school. I know it hasn't been a month yet, but I'm feeling much better. I'm so bored at home."

"Okay, sounds good. Be careful and remember to get enough rest."

"I got it, Sis. I wanted to let you know because I don't want you to worry."


"Then I'm going to head out for class. Come back for dinner this week, don't forget it's our mom's birthday."

"Yup, I remember." Huo Mian nodded.

After she hung up, she began thinking about what present she should buy her mom for her birthday.

However, she was suddenly disrupted by a loud commotion outside#

"Huo Mian, who the f*ck is Huo Mian? Get the hell out here!" A couple of men roared, causing a crowd to gather.