Chapter 1479: Huo Mian, Let’s Get a Divorce (10)

"I never thought Mian would be#"

"Haha# you sound so surprised#" Huo Siqian laughed, proud of himself.

"When did you know about this?"

"A long time ago."

"So, you were the one who interfered with my investigations in Dongtao Town?" Qin Chu had been investigating Huo Mian's background, but he felt like someone was purposely placing obstacles in his way#

Huo Siqian nodded. "I did, but I wasn't the only one."

"Who else could there be?" Qin Chu frowned, and Huo Siqian answered, "Mian's father."

"Her father?"

"Mhm, her birth father#"

"Why would he do that? Isn't a father supposed to be in a hurry to meet his daughter? Doesn't Mian's father want to see her? Why would he interfere?"

Qin Chu didn't understand why a father would stop a daughter from finding out where she came from.

"There's a reason for that, haha. Take a look at this, I can't explain it in a few sentences."

Huo Siqian then handed him a piece of paper, and upon reading it, Qin Chu's face turned pale white.

"The truth is that Mian's family misses her, but because of this, they can't come looking for her. Her sister visited her in C City once, but Mian probably didn't know about it# as soon as Mian's identity is exposed, she'll be in mortal danger# You've been in the States for seven years, so I don't have to explain to you how dangerous and powerful this hostile organization is# I'm not exaggerating here, if others find out Huo Mian's relationship with her sister and father, she'll be forever..."

"Shut up#" Qin Chu roared, interrupting Huo Siqian.

"Mian's family want to meet her, but they can't#"

Upon hearing this, Qin Chu once again fell silent. No wonder Huo Siqian said it was useless to keep investigating 每 even a powerful man like Rick couldn't find anything.

He finally knew the reason; no wonder his family knew that their daughter was switched at birth, but didn't come looking for her.

Mian's father loved her very much; he just expressed it differently and protected her without her knowing.

Upon seeing Qin Chu's silence, Huo Siqian smiled again. "There's something else you probably don't know about."


"Jing De's death# In fact, your parents were just used as scapegoats and got framed#"

"What do you mean?" Qin Chu immediately looked up upon hearing the name of Huo Mian's stepfather.

"Jing De's not as simple of a man as he seems, he deceived you all. He died because he knew Mian was switched at birth. He did it himself because Yang Meirong had a stillbirth baby and he loved her too much to make her suffer. Therefore, he worked with Dr. Lan in Dongtao Town to switch Huo Mian up. Back then, her parents were hiding in that town and coincidentally, her mother gave birth to Huo Mian at that health center on the same day. Dr. Lan told her parents that Mian died at birth and back then they thought it was weird, but because they were being chased, they had no choice but to leave the country first. Later, when they came back, Dr. Lan was gone# Back then, that organization already began investigating into this matter. Mian's father placed his own people in Dongtao Town and killed whoever looked into this matter# Somehow, Jing De found out about this and was hoping to make some money out of the situation by leaking Mian's identity. He contacted those people but before they could come to an agreement, Mian's father's guys killed Jing De in a car accident. It's good that he did, though, or else I would've killed him as well."

"You're saying that Jing De was going to sell Mian out, but was killed by Mian's father?"

Qin Chu was bewildered by the sudden plot twist#