Chapter 1474: Huo Mian, Let’s Get a Divorce (5)

"Honey, have you had lunch?"

"Not yet, let's go have some ramen."

"Sure." Qin Chu nodded. After finishing up his work, the two of them headed over to Ah-Xin's Ramen.

"Honey# do you believe that Huo Siqian died?"

"Do you?" Qin Chu asked back after taking a bite of ramen.

"I don't, I think this might even be something he planned out himself. Perhaps he's cooking something evil up again."

"Mhm, me neither. Someone like him wouldn't die so easily because of a car accident. I have a feeling that he's planning something#"

Qin Chu wasn't a man who relied on his feelings, but his heart had been beating rapidly for the past couple of weeks, and he often felt a suffocating amount of stress# His instincts told him that something even bigger was about to happen.

Their wedding was in less than a week, and he really hoped that things would go smoothly.

The media continued reporting on Huo Siqian's accident, but no one saw his face; the reporters didn't even see him at the hospital.

No one knew where he was; it was like he vanished from Earth.

That evening, Song Yishi drove back to Huo Siqian's private mansion; she wanted to take the last of her belongings home. Sick of living a worried and terrifying life, she was determined to sue for divorce.

The entire mansion was pitch black when she was at home. Only she and Huo Siqian had the keys to this place, not even the housekeepers.

Neither of them even lived here, since their marriage was never real.

After gathering her things, Song Yishi was climbing down from the second floor when she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

It was because# she saw someone standing at the bottom of the stairs.

Originally, she wasn't afraid. However, when she wasn't paying attention, the person suddenly lit up his lighter, showing her his face.

Song Yishi was immediately scared out of wits#

"AH!" With a shriek, she turned around and headed upstairs, but Huo Siqian was faster and quickly grabbed her by the hair.

"B!tch, what are you afraid of? Did you think you saw a ghost?"

"W-why are you here?" Song Yishi asked with horror in her eyes and voice.

"Why? Did you think I died?"

"N-n-no, but the media said you were in a car accident... and that you died."

This happened so fast that Song Yishi's mind went blank; she really thought Huo Siqian was dead, so she wasn't as cautious as Qin Chu and Huo Mian.

"I know you wanted me dead, but unfortunately# I haven't lived enough yet, so how can I die?" Then, Huo Siqian pulled on her hair and dragged her down the stairs, grazing her body along the way.

He didn't go easy on her and completely ignored her incessant begging.

"Please, let me go. It really hurts#"

After arriving on the first floor, Huo Siqian held her hands with one hand and took out his belt with the other. He then tied her hands up with that belt#

"W, what are you doing?"

"Don't you know what I'm doing? Did you think I wouldn't find out that you were behind this?" Huo Siqian demanded icily.

"Behind what? What are you talking about?" Song Yishi tried to deny it, but Huo Siqian said, "Great, keep playing dumb. Let me remind you, do you know why those people never got back to you?"

Upon hearing this, Song Yishi's eyes widened as she fell silent. Staring into Huo Siqian's beast-like eyes, she heard him answer his own question, "Because they're already dead# would you like to go see them?"

"What do you think you're doing? I'm warning you, if you kill me, my dad's going to kill you!"

Song Yishi knew that Huo Siqian found out about her plan 每 was he going to kill her now?