Chapter 1473: Huo Mian, Let’s Get a Divorce (4)

"I did#"

"This is awesome! Should we celebrate tonight?"

Zhu Lingling and Jiang Xiaowei hated Huo Siqian's guts, so they were elated to hear that he was dead.

"I think# things are more complicated than that."

"What do you mean? You don't think#?"

"It's not that, I just think he's too meticulous to let something like this happen to himself# The reporters didn't even confirm if Huo Siqian was in the car at the time, and the media tends to exaggerate the truth# so I think it might just be a smoke bomb to confuse others."

Huo Mian was calm; she had a feeling that Huo Siqian wouldn't die so easily. He was too manipulative and calculating to die like that# it didn't seem logical.

If he died from an accident like this, he would've died a thousand times by now. After all, he had too many enemies#

"You have a point# but whatever, I'm just happy to hear about this, even if it's not true. Should we have dinner tonight?"

"I can't, my father-in-law hasn't been doing well and is still hospitalized. Qin Chu and I work during the day and have to take care of him at night."

"F*ck# you're going to tire yourself out. You need to get some rest, you're not made of steel!"

"It's okay, we're family so it doesn't matter how exhausted we are. I just hope he can get better soon."

What Qin Yumin said last night completely smashed Huo Mian's calmness into pieces; she kept telling herself that her father-in-law would be fine, but she knew that she was just deceiving herself. How could an operation that even Qin Chu wasn't sure about succeed?

Even if he succeeded, who was to say that the cancer cells wouldn't spread?

At this thought, Huo Mian sighed heavily and walked downstairs listlessly.

March in Northern China was still cold and windy# Huo Mian put on a black down jacket and headed towards the company.

- GK Headquarters -

Qin Chu was delegating assignments all morning; GK was doing much better and Huo Siqian's measures no longer worked.

This morning, the 13 companies restored their original prices, no matter how much the public cursed at them.

It seemed like they couldn't afford to keep prices down anymore.

If Huo Siqian hadn't threatened them, they would never do anything that not only hurt others but also themselves.

After they restored their prices, the market went back the normal and therefore GK announced that it was going reverting back to its original prices as well.

This marked the end of the real estate war#

Qin Chu had a feeling that he would be able to pay Rick and his family back in a few days.

What a close call 每 thank goodness the hundreds of billions came back to him.

Truth be told, he had more than enough of this roller coaster ride#

At lunch, everyone talked about Huo Siqian's car accident.

Even Yang couldn't help but speculate, "Sir, this is really karma. It came for Huo Siqian so fast# a heartless person like him he deserves to die in a car accident."

"Who said he died?" Qin Chu asked calmly.

"Um# the media said#"

"The media only reported on the car crash and didn't reveal if he was in the car when it happened. Moreover, no one disclosed if he's dead or injured# so, none of you should spread rumors."

"You don't think he died?"

"For someone like Huo Siqian, I will only believe it when I see his body#"

Like Huo Mian, Qin Chu didn't think Huo Siqian would die so easily. But he did have a feeling that this car accident was premeditated.

A three-car collision couldn't be a coincidence; whoever was behind this was determined to kill Huo Siqian.

This morning, Song Yishi told Qin Chu what she wanted him to do and at lunch, Huo Siqian was involved in a car crash. Was it just an accident, or is Song Yishi behind this?

Qin Chu sank into deep thought# not even noticing that Huo Mian walked in. "Honey#"