Chapter 1472: Huo Mian, Let’s Get a Divorce (3)

Right before the three cars crashed into him, Huo Siqian quickly opened his car door and ran out# Then, the cars crashed right into his Rolls Royce, which was worth a couple of million yuan#

The sound of the crash was loud enough to wake the dead# he watched as the three drivers started their cars and quickly drove away#

"Ha# what an exciting scene# but this simple and rude attempt doesn't seem like Qin Chu's style."

Huo Siqian leaned against the wall of his building and took out his phone. "Get the footage of what just happened and find the three drivers within an hour# Remember to interrogate them, I need to know who's behind this chain accident."

Then, he hung up; what happened just now was a close call, but he still found a way to escape.

Who was in such a hurry to kill him?


With a smile, Huo Siqian looked up at the blue skies and shining sun. "Unfortunately, none of you can kill me."

Song Yishi waited left and right, but the people she hired never called her, so she didn't know what happened.

Just then, she received a news notification on her phone.

'Breaking news, a four-car collision accident happened outside the Huo Corporation, completely disfiguring a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Apparently, that's the car of the Huo Corporation's president, and his employee confirmed that he was in the car at the time of the accident, no one knows if he's alive or dead. The police have surrounded the scene and the ambulance is standing by, please tune in, we will update you with more information as soon as possible.'

Upon reading this, Song Yishi felt a little emotional; if the accident was this serious, then Huo Siqian would for sure be dead.

To confirm, she called Huo Siqian's number, pretending that she cared.

"I'm sorry, the subscriber you dialed is not in service. Please try again later."

Something must've happened to Huo Siqian if he didn't pick up, right?

Song Yishi was so happy that she felt like popping open a bottle of champagne and celebrating. Qin Chu and Huo Mian might not be able to commit murder, but she could.

The truth was, Song Yishi and Huo Siqian were alike in many ways 每 they didn't care about the sacrifices, as long as they got what they wanted.

To finish the charade she started, Song Yishi even drove to the Huo Corporation. She was surrounded by reporters as soon as she got off her car#

"Mrs. Huo, how are you feeling right now?"

"I'm devastated, I hope my husband's all right# or else how am I supposed to live on?" Song Yishi replied as she wiped off the tears on her face.

She was such a great actress that all the reporters believed her#

"Mrs. Huo, don't be too sad, I'm sure President Huo is alright."

"So do I, I really hope he's fine," Song Yishi continued putting on a show.

- Imperial Star HQ -

Su Yu smiled after watching the live news. "An."

"Yes, President Su?"

"Tell all the employees to stay after work, I'm hosting a party for everyone."

"Um# what's the occasion, President Su?" An was confused, but Su Yu smiled. "Today's a good day, go on now."

How great was it for a man like Huo Siqian to get himself into a car accident?

Talk about karma# a man like him deserved this ending. This way, Su Yu wouldn't have to get rid of this psycho himself#

After a nap at home, Huo Mian woke up to find countless messages on her phone. She opened WeChat 每 it was swarming with messages about Huo Siqian.

"Mian, did you hear what happened? Did Huo Siqian really die? Everyone's saying that he died because they haven't found him yet# I wonder if his body was crushed into pieces, what a shame#" Zhu Lingling said excitedly, reveling in what happened.