Chapter 1469: You Guys Won’t Be Able to Kill Me (10)

"Go ahead, Dad." Huo Mian wiped away her tears.

"I read the forum today and heard about what happened at the company# Xu Changzhi's worked under me for years, he's one of GK's first employees# and one of my closest friends. It's normal for executives to pocket some of the company's money, and I know about his mansion in the States. However, I never thought and am extremely disappointed that he would frame Chu like that. But# I know Xu Changzhi well, he's not the kind to despicably push responsibility onto Chu just to protect himself# so, I have a feeling that someone threatened him# Mian, although you're not a GK employee, you're really smart. Therefore, you have to look into this incident for me. I can't bear to let Qin Chu go to jail for something he didn't do#"

"Don't worry, Dad, Qin Chu and I are already looking into what happened# According to our findings, someone threatened him. Apparently, his youngest daughter was kidnapped three days ago, but no one in his family dared to call the police# This is direct evidence. I won't let anyone harm Qin Chu. He's the most important person in my life, and I will protect him until I die."

"Thank you, Mian." Qin Yumin was happy to hear Huo Mian say this.

"Dad# drink some water and get some rest." Huo Mian helped him up and handed him the glass of warm water.

Qin Chu leaned against the door to the adjoining room; he didn't come out because he didn't want his father to see him cry and add to his emotional pressure.

The only thing in his mind was that he needed to plan out his father's surgery and attempt to perform it perfectly.

- The next morning -

Mrs. Qin and the maid came to take care of Qin Yumin while Huo Mian and Qin Chu left. Huo Mian was a little worn out, so Qin Chu drove her home.

"Honey# you don't have to come to the company today, get some rest."

"I'm worried."

"Don't worry# the candies and chocolates we ordered for our wedding will be delivered today. Can you wrap them up as presents for our guests?"

"Honey, let's push back the wedding#"

"Because of dad's tumor?" Qin Chu knew what Huo Mian was thinking, and she nodded her head with a heavy heart.

"It's okay, the wedding will proceed as planned, and I'll perform the surgery after the ceremony."

"What's the success rate if you perform the surgery yourself?" worried, Huo Mian asked.

"To be honest# None#" Qin Chu looked down, causing her heart to sink#

"But we have no other choice. At least I have to try."

"Mhm, I'm sure he'll be fine, kind people will be treated kindly."

"Good girl, get some rest and regain energy. You're going to be the most beautiful bride," Qin Chu gently kissed Huo Mian's lips before driving off.

To his surprise, he saw Song Yishi outside his company; they haven't seen each other in a while.

"Qin Chu#"

"Can I help you?" Qin Chu's still treated her indifferently.

Song Yishi wore a wine-colored cashmere coat and held a white Dior handbag in her hands. Her makeup was sexy, but no matter how pretty she was, Qin Chu wasn't interested in sparing one more look at her.

"There's something important I need to talk to you about."

"I have nothing to say to you," Qin Chu said as he headed towards the entrance, but Song Yishi ran up to him. "Qin Chu, it's really important, it has to do with the future of your company."

"You know about it?" Qin Chu coldly glanced at her face, and the latter asked, word for word, "Huo Siqian did all this, he's the mastermind behind everything, but do you know why?"