Chapter 1467: You Guys Won’t Be Able to Kill Me (8)

"Mom# it's not a big deal, don't worry." Huo Mian tried to console her mother-in-law.

"Mian# stop lying to me# I'm not an idiot# Chu and your face said it all# Could it be# your dad has cancer?" Mrs. Qin was as pale as a ghost as she asked them with a shaky voice.

"Mom# we're not sure yet, there's a tumor growing in my dad's brain. We don't know if it's benign or malignant. He needs surgery, but the success rates are low#" Qin Chu explained, word for word.

"Brain# tumor?" Mrs. Qin almost felt her entire body go weak; Huo Mian was fast enough to catch her before she collapsed.

"Mom# are you okay?"

"Mom, don't be so sad. Perhaps Dad's tumor is benign," Qin Chu decided to tell a white lie.

"He's too old to undergo surgery, will he survive a craniotomy? Your dad's health hasn't been great, I can't believe he would have a tumor# why is it him and not me?" Mrs. Qin wailed sadly.

Huo Mian felt heartbroken as she held her mother-in-law#

Mrs. Qin had a sharp tongue, but the truth was, she loved her husband very much. When they were young, she was incredibly beautiful, and people envied her and Qin Yumin very much.

This was too much of a blow to her at this age#

"Mom# don't be too sad, I'll make sure Dad is fine."

Qin Chu was determined to be the main surgeon for his father's craniotomy. This way, he could ensure a higher success rate.

It was such a sudden decision that he got to discuss this bold decision with Huo Mian.

- The First Hospital -

Huo Mian and Qin Chu stayed with Mrs. Qin for a long time before the maid took her home while the young couple stayed behind to take care of Qin Yumin.

They were in the VIP patient room, so family members had their own rooms and beds to rest in.

"Honey# you should get some rest, I'll take care of dad."

"No, it's okay, I'll take care of him, you should go to bed."

"Let's not be so polite with each other, just get some rest, will you? There's still a lot to do at the company tomorrow# our stocks are rising, but we can't relax yet. We also have to keep an eye on Huo Siqian in case he tries something else."

"Okay, sounds good." In the end, Qin Chu couldn't win against Huo Mian. He turned around and walked into the bedroom#

Huo Mian sat down on the chair next to Qin Yumin's bed and watched his drip, pulling his covers up here and there.

During rounds, the doctor and nurses all praised Huo Mian nonstop.

"Dr. Huo is such a great woman. Those who don't know what's going on would think that she's Mr. Qin's daughter# she treats him and his wife like her own parents# seriously."

"Yeah, Dr. Huo doesn't talk a lot, but she proves her heart through her actions and isn't fake at all# I like women like her."

"She's amazing, apparently Qin Chu loves Dr. Huo very much. If I were a man, I would like her too. She's smart, considerate, and not high maintenance."

The nurses discussed amongst themselves#

After midnight, Huo Mian became so tried that she napped for a while. A sigh woke her up.

"Dad# you're up?" She immediately stood up.

"Mhm#" Qin Yumin's breathing was weak.

"Dad, do you want water? Are you hungry?"

Qin Yumin shook his head slowly. "Mian#"

"Yes, Dad?" Huo Mian turned around and answered.

"Sit down#" Qin Yumin waved his hand with great difficulty#

"Okay." Huo Mian poured her father-in-law a glass of warm water and set it down on his bedside table. Then, she sat down on the chair beside him.

"Where's your mom and Chu?"

"Mom's really tired, so she went home to rest. Qin Chu's in the neighboring room, he's been really busy at the company, so I asked him to get some rest. Do you want me to get him?"

"No, it's okay# I actually wanted to talk to you."

"Sure, go ahead." Huo Mian nodded respectfully and stared at her father-in-law's exhausted face.