Chapter 1463: You Guys Won’t Be Able to Kill Me (4)

"About that# how should I put this? After all, I'm not a charity and don't have the obligation to help others. Plus, GK needs a large amount of money# However, if my sister, Mian, asks me for help, of course I will help her. After all, we're family, her last name is 'Huo' as well."

Upon seeing this, Huo Mian almost exploded with anger as she clenched the remote control. "Huo Siqian, I'd rather die than ask you for help, you despicable asshole#"

She returned the jade bracelet Huo Siqian gave her to him a few days ago. It was worth 8 million yuan and Zhu Lingling originally wanted her to sell it for money. However, because of what he did, Huo Mian knew that even if she sold the bracelet, she would find that money disgusting.

Therefore, she just gave it back to him. They hadn't seen each other in a while, and Huo Mian churned with anger upon hearing him make such hypocritical remarks on TV.

She rarely got so angry and most of the time was quite calm for a woman her age. However, it was so obvious that Huo Siqian's despicable measures targeted Qin Chu and therefore, she would rather not keep his birthday present.

"The outside world has been spreading rumors that the relationship between you and your wife, Song Yishi, is about to fall apart because of another woman, is it true?"

"Those are just rumors, my wife and I have a great relationship." Huo Siqian smiled.

If Song Yishi saw the live stream, she would probably go crazy; Huo Siqian was incredibly good at concealing his true self.

"What about the woman you were photographed with#?"

The host paused as she observed Huo Siqian's reactions.

He didn't get mad, and he just wore the same smile on his face as he replied, "Oh# she's an artist our company is hoping to promote, so I've been getting to know her."

"Oh, I see. Also, I heard the two runner ups of the Star of GK signed with your company, is that correct?"

"They did. They didn't like GK's offer and President Su from Imperial Star won't sign with them, so I decided to be the good guy#"

Huo Siqian made himself seem like a really nice man, but Huo Mian felt nauseous upon hearing what he said. "Huo Siqian, you're such a pervert and hypocrite# once my husband averts this crisis, I'm going to teach you a lesson. Then, you'll understand what it feels like to be at the teeth of the storm."

Huo Mian didn't manipulate others, but it didn't mean she didn't know how to. A woman with her IQ could ruin a person if she wanted to.

However, she had been so focused on her wedding with Qin Chu and GK's issues that she really didn't have time to deal with Huo Siqian. Therefore, she decided to teach him a lesson after this period.


She had no idea how horrifying the consequences of this incident would be.

After Qin Chu came back from his meeting, he worked until around dinner time. Then, he stood up from his chair and walked up to Huo Mian, putting her hand in his. "Honey, let's have Japanese cuisine tonight."

"Do we have money to eat Japanese? Let's have street food tonight, how's Malatang?" (TL Note: Malatang is a cheap street food, google for image) Huo Mian looked incredibly cute with her puppy dog eyes.

Upon seeing her like that, Qin Chu couldn't help but burst into laughter for the first time in days#

"What are you laughing at?"

"Honey# how poor do you think your husband is? Malatang? Do I look like Malatang?" (TL: Malatang's direct translation is hot spicy soup)

"You're hot, but not spicy..."

Qin Chu: "#"

"Hahaha# you're hilarious, Honey. I love your expression." Huo Mian got on her tippy toes and pecked Qin Chu gently on the cheek.

Once again, Yang walked into to see them flaunting their love.

How big were their hearts? Shouldn't they be worried and depressed during a time like this? Yang thought.

Just then, Qin Chu's phone rang#

"Rick, what's up?"

"Come to Seductive Fox, let's talk in person." Rick was even more cold and indifferent than Qin Chu and knew how to be conservative with his words.