Chapter 1457: Huo Siqian, What Are You Trying to Do? (8)

"I know# but under current circumstances, there's nothing else we can do. If we don't lower our prices, our stocks will continue to tank and the company will go under#"

"Sir#" Yang felt bad for Qin Chu.


"Yes, Sir."

It was smart of him to choose the lesser evil.

However, when GK announced that the company would be dropping its prices to 4,000 yuan, another scandal broke out#

GK's Executive Vice President, Xu Changzhi, was being investigated by the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Apparently, he bribed a provincial official who was recently arrested for corruption.

Once again, this scandal attacked GK right where it hurt, and netizens began speculating.

Some said that Xu Changzhi made the decision to bribe the official himself, and he did a lot of unethical things behind Qin Chu's back. Not only was he corrupt, he even had five mansions in the States and a dozen mistresses on the side.

Others said that Qin Chu wanted Xu Changzhi to bribe the official. Not only did the president fail to stop corruption, he even tacitly agreed to it.

Due to the new scandal, GK's stocks continued to drop# and people forgot about the fact that the company decided to lower its housing prices.

Qin Chu's attempt to save the company sank like a rock into the ocean#

Huo Siqian truly went all out this time. He set up trap after trap for Qin Chu to fall into, each punch more deadly and unforgiving as the last.

Qin Chu felt so much pressure that he couldn't breathe#

Huo Mian went to lunch with her mother, but as soon as they left the restaurant, a bunch of reporters crowded up to her.

"Mrs. Qin, can you explain to us GK's current situation?"

"Mrs. Qin, are you still getting married on the 28th? Aren't you going to push it back? According to our sources, GK's lost ten of billions over the past few days and is on the verge of debt. Is it true?"

"Mrs. Qin# what do you have to say about what happened with Executive Vice President Xu Changzhi? Do you know him personally?"

"Mrs. Qin, what are President Qin's countermeasures to GK's scandals?"

Huo Mian felt helpless in front of the reporters' questions# Everyone threw curveballs at her and if she didn't provide a decent answer, it would make things even worse than they already were#

Therefore, this time she chose to remain silent#

She looked down; her sunglasses covered her face as she got onto her Audi R8. Originally, she was going to GK, so she and Qin Chu could come up from a plan. However, after dropping her mother off at home, her mother-in-law suddenly called.

"Mian, why isn't Chu picking up his phone?"

"Mom, he's been stuck in meetings, don't worry."

"Mian, can you come to the hospital?"

"What happened?"

"Your dad fainted this morning."

"Wasn't he at the hospital?" Surprised, Huo Mian asked.

"He was, we were taking a stroll in the garden behind the hospital this morning when he suddenly collapsed. He's still undergoing emergency treatment, I called Qin Chu but he didn't pick up.

"Emergency treatment? Don't worry Mom, I'll be right there."

Huo Mian was going to go to the company, but after this phone call, she made a sharp turn and went through the underway, right to the First Hospital.

- Outside the OR -

Huo Mian and Mrs. Qin waited anxiously. The latter's face was pale and her hands shivered. Huo Mian could tell she was scared, so she tried to comfort her mother-in-law, "Mom# don't worry, Dad will be fine."