Chapter 145: Sorrow

Chapter 145: Sorrow
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"I'm# I think I'm by Rainbow Bridge." Zhu Lingling's voice was breaking. Huo Mian could tell 每 not only was Zhu Lingling sad as hell, she was also drunk and couldn't even pronounce words correctly.

"Stay there, I'm coming for you now," Huo Mian hung up the phone and jumped up. She snatched her jacket off the coat stand in the living room.

"What's wrong?" Qin Chu noticed the anxiety on her face.

"Something happened to Lingling, I'm going to go check on her."

"I'll drive you."

"No, it's fine#" Huo Mian knew that Qin Chu was tired from work. Unwilling to cause him trouble, she planned on hailing a cab.

However, before she could even finish her sentence, Qin Chu had already put on his jacket, grabbed his car keys, and headed out the door.

He sure was efficient#

The traffic wasn't heavy at that time of the night, and Qin Chu was a fast driver. It took less than 15 minutes for them to get to Rainbow Bridge.

Huo Mian saw a familiar figure on the bridge from afar.

She was wearing a red dress and stumbling by the side of the bridge 每 who else could it be but Zhu Lingling?

"My gosh, is my girl trying to kill herself?" Without thinking, Huo Mian ran out of the car as soon as it came to a stop.

After Qin Chu parked the car, and he headed their direction as well.

Zhu Lingling was their high school classmate, and the trio had known each other for years. Although Qin Chu wasn't interested in any woman other than Huo Mian, he knew that Zhu Lingling was Huo Mian's best and only close friend over the past few years.

"Lingling," Huo Mian grabbed Zhu Lingling from behind and dragged her off Rainbow Bridge.

This girl was usually a careless extrovert and had a mouth that won't quit. It was rare for her to act like this.

Huo Mian guessed that something bad must have happened to her for her to be like this.

After Zhu Lingling realized that it was Huo Mian. She hugged her tight and began wailing uncontrollably#

"Mian, I don't want to live anymore. I'm so sad, and my heart hurts too much. It hurts like hell in here#" Zhu Lingling cried as she pointed at her heart.

"Lingling, take a breath, tell me what happened. Let's go," Huo Mian took off her own jacket and put it on Zhu Lingling.

Qin Chu didn't say anything, but he immediately took off his own jacket and placed it on Huo Mian.

"Can we bring her back to our place?" Huo Mian looked at Qin Chu for his approval.

"Get in the car."

Qin Chu didn't answer directly, but his reply meant that he was okay with it.

Qin Chu and Huo Mian both had extreme OCD, and their condo was without a single speck of dust.

Plus, they were secretly married, so no one else had ever stepped into their home.

Huo Mian asked Qin Chu because she didn't want him to be mad.

However, for whatever reason, Qin Chu agreed, which greatly comforted her.

He drove them home, and when they arrived downstairs, Qin Chu said to Huo Mian, "I'll be at the office, you guys head upstairs."

"Okay." Huo Mian knew that Qin Chu thought it would be awkward for him to stay, and he wanted Huo Mian and Zhu Lingling to be able to speak in private.

At that moment, she felt a sense of gratitude towards Qin Chu. He was extremely considerate and understanding.

Yes, he was bossy and arrogant, but he always knew where to draw the line and never tried to make Huo Mian's life hard.

"Go upstairs, call me when you need me."

Qin Chu watched as Huo Mian brought Zhu Lingling upstairs. Only after then did he turn around to leave, mumbling to himself, "Crazy."

Huo Mian gave Zhu Lingling a nightgown to change into and poured her a glass of brown-sugar water with dates.

The two sat on the couch. Zhu Lingling was no longer aggravated, and she looked much more lucid than she was earlier.

"Lingling, tell me, what on earth happened?"

Huo Mian smoothed out Zhu Lingling's bangs and asked sympathetically.