Chapter 1449: Why is Getting Married so Hard? (10)

"I don't like men, thank you very much."

"If I were a woman, I would sleep with you for sure!" Tang Chuan said, smiling.

"If you were a woman, you would not be a normal one. I would stay away from you for sure."

"Screw you#"

Tang Chuan originally thought that Su Yu's mental state would be more unstable due to Huo Mian's wedding date approaching.

Su Yu was the polar opposite from Tang Chuan's expectations, however, as he became calmer and calmer as the wedding date drew closer and closer.

It seemed like he had come to terms with it...

He said it himself if he couldn't give Huo Mian happiness, seeing her be happy would be enough for him.

Su Yu loved her as much as a person could, he just couldn't show it. He suppressed all his feelings for her deep within his heart.

"Huo Siqian has been pretty active lately, what do you think he's gonna do?" Tang Chuan tried to change the topic.

"I'm not interested in his business."

Ever since Su Yu confronted Huo Siqian at the Seductive Fox, he had lost all respect for him.

"The media is blowing up with the news of his divorce with Song Yishi, I dunno if it's real or not. I really want them to stay together though, they're a good match. A bastard and a b*tch, in sickness and in health," Tang Chuan cursed them.

"Before Huo Siqian achieves his goal, he won't divorce her so easily. After all, the Song Family can help him out with many things," Su Yu analyzed.

Tang Chuan nodded in agreement. "That's true."

"Him being active is not a good thing, I feel like# he might do something before Huo Mian's wedding," Su Yu slowly said.

That night at their encounter, Huo Siqian had asked Su Yu if he wanted to do something since Huo Mian was getting married.

Su Yu could taste the saltiness in his voice. Like Qin Chu, Su Yu also knew about Huo Siqian's intentions towards Huo Mian.

He was intelligent enough to pick up on the small details.

Song Yishi was right, the look that Huo Siqian gave Huo Mian was different from the way he looked at everyone else. It was as if she was the only person Huo Siqian could see...

His gaze was more passionate and doting than that of Qin Chu, but Huo Siqian wasn't supposed to look at Huo Mian that way.

So, Su Yu had a faint feeling that something big was about to happen.

That something would not be good...

"What can he do? That piece of trash is no match for Qin Chu, no?" Tang Chuan never respected Huo Siqian.

Other than Huo Siqian's infamous reputation within the social circle, his identity as a rich heir had always been awkward.

He was adopted, not a biological son of the Huo Family. So, he was often disrespected by others.

Tang Chuan didn't think an adopted son could achieve much, and that Huo Siqian was no more than a loser who only drank and hooked up with women.

However, Su Yu didn't think so. He successfully married Song Yishi, took land away from Qin Chu, and got approval from Mayor Song.

These feats weren't accomplishable by a normal person...

Huo Entertainment was only established less than a month ago, but its revenue had multiplied by a couple of dozen times. It certainly was a big slap in the face for those that didn't think the new venture would turn out well.

Su Yu had been in the entertainment industry for so long and rarely saw companies that could butt in and stand their ground successfully.

Now, the entertainment industry was dominated by three titans--GK Film and Television, Imperial Star, and Huo Entertainment.

Huo Entertainment was the youngest to join the industry, but it was currently also the most popular company, filled with famed works and stars.

Su Yu also knew that Huo Siqian entered the industry for purposes other than making a profit.

He was targeting Qin Chu...

"Don't underestimate Huo Siqian, he's not as simple as he looks# He might even be the most cunning and insidious person I've ever met#" Su Yu analyzed in all seriousness.