Chapter 1441: Why is Getting Married so Hard? (2)

Strictly speaking, due to his condition, Qin Chu's father wasn't supposed to be discharged, but after finding out that his son and daughter-in-law were going to hold a wedding soon, he and Mrs. Qin couldn't keep their cool anymore and decided to go home, at least until after they've met their in-law.

Qin Yumin's attending physician, Dr. Liu, called Huo Mian before discharging him.

Worried about her father-in-law, Huo Mian called the Qin Family's private physician to come to take care of Qin Yumin, just in case something urgent happened#

Huo Mian and Qin Chu had been married for more than a year now, but their parents haven't officially met since there were still misunderstandings between them after what happened in the past. In addition, Mrs. Qin used to be really mean and repeatedly bullied Huo Mian and her mother# resulting in a long-term grudge.

However, after everything that had happened, Huo Mian's relationship with her in-laws improved significantly.

Therefore, they decided to put the past behind them and enjoy a meal together.

Qin Chu wasn't there when Huo Mian and her mother arrived at the Qin Manor.

The maids and chefs busied about; it seemed like they bought a lot of food and were still preparing them.

Yang Meirong was wearing an aqua-colored peacoat with a silk scarf Huo Mian bought for her wrapped around her neck.

Her hair was up in a bun and she even applied light makeup on her face, making her look poised and elegant.

Mrs. Qin was wearing a red velvet qipao and a white pearl necklace.

Qin Yumin, on the other hand, was wearing a grey Zhongshan suit. He was holding onto a cane since it was hard for him to walk around, while Mrs. Qin carefully helped her down from the second floor.

"Dad, Mom#" Huo Mian greeted them with a smile.

The Qins felt a little embarrassed as they nodded at Yang Meirong.

"You're here," Mrs. Qin said, and Yang Meirong nodded awkwardly.

"Come sit down, Huan, pour us some tea," Mrs. Qin called out to her maid as the four of them sat down in the living room.

"How's your health been?"

"Not bad# I heard you were sick, how are you feeling now?" Yang Meirong asked.

"Good, I'm still receiving treatment at the hospital. Mian's been running between the company and the hospital these days, she's really a great kid." Qin Yumin wasn't stingy with his compliments.

"Dad# it was my pleasure."

Yang Meirong held Huo Mian by the hand and said, "My daughter doesn't know how to sweet talk, but she's an honest girl who always proves her heart through her actions# The truth is, I'm younger, so I was supposed to visit the two of you a long time ago# but because of what happened in the past#" Yang Meirong suddenly paused.

"Meirong, we were idiots back then# please forgive us# we can't turn back time, but we promise to treat Huo Mian like our own daughter in the future, don't worry," Mrs. Qin said, her eyes filled with sincerity.

Truth be told, she felt extremely guilty. In the past, she always thought she was right and that everything she did was for her son's own good. However, it now seemed like her selfishness tore a family apart, stripping them of happiness and warmth. Thinking about what she did in the past made her restless.

"Mhm, I'm not a petty person# since we're in-laws, we're basically family, so let's not talk about what happened in the past anymore# It's all ancient history. From now on we'll get along peacefully, so our children don't have to worry about us."

Huo Mian thought it would be awkward between the three of them. However, they talked things out as soon as they met, allowing their later conversations to feel more natural.

Yang Meirong chatted fervently with the Qins.

- 11:45 AM -

Qin Chu's car stopped before the mansion#

"The Young Master is home."

As soon as the maid said this, the four of them got up on their feet.