Chapter 1436: Honey, Let’s Get Married? (7)

"Tell them to get lost, I'm not going to sign them even if they're free. I'm not stupid enough to be the scapegoat."

To Su Yu, these two women were hot potatoes. The outside world already thought that he was deliberately defaming GK, so if he signed them, he would be tacitly admitting to such accusations.

Thanks to Su Yu's rejection, the two women ended up at Huo Siqian's company.

Ever since Qin Chu and Huo Mian's wedding plans were revealed, Su Yu's been in a bad mood. He even yelled at all the executives during his company's meeting that afternoon.

"President Su# you're meeting with President Guo of Zhihe Media in half an hour#" Assistant An reminded him carefully.

"Cancel it."

"President Su, but#"

"I'm not seeing anyone today, and I'm going out for drinks tonight. Don't bother me," Su Yu said as he grabbed his jacket and left#

- The Huo Corporation -

Huo Siqian smiled after watching the news that day.

"My Little Sister Mian# isn't someone to be in a rush# Why are you doing this?"

Mo Xue'er walked into his office wearing seven-inch heels and a white mink jacket while carrying a luxury-brand bag. "Siqian, did you watch the news?"

Huo Siqian didn't respond. Instead, he picked up his teacup and carefully cleaned it with a white handkerchief, as if he was wiping off a piece of art#

"Do you think Huo Mian and Qin Chu are holding the wedding to boost GK's reputation? Should we release a movie or something to hype ourselves up? If we don't, they might steal our thunder."

After establishing Huo Entertainment, Huo Siqian barely tended to it.

Mo Xue'er took care of everything 每 that was how much she loved Huo Siqian. She knew he didn't love her, and she knew he loved someone else and therefore wouldn't marry her. However, she was willing to do anything for him. She would be happy for an entire day, even if all he did was compliment her.

"Mian would never try to boost her company's reputation by holding a wedding."

"So, you're saying that she really wants this to happen?" Mo Xue'er froze.

"Ideas are beautiful, but the reality is harsh# Plans are always changing, will they really be able to hold a wedding?" Huo Siqian smiled evilly. Then, with 'crack', the delicate teacup in his hand smashed into a million pieces.

Suddenly, bright blood began flowing down his hand...

Yes, he was strong enough to break a cup with only his hand, his strength was evident...

"Siqian, you're bleeding#" Horrified, Mo Xue'er rushed up and tried to help him.

"Get away, don't touch me," Huo Siqian said icily, scaring Mo Xue'er out of wits as she froze in her footsteps.

Overnight, the entire city found out that Qin Chu and Huo Mian were holding a wedding and it quickly became the hottest topic of discussion.

Some artistic fan even wrote an article about them called 'After the Next Set of Seven Years, I Will Still Be Waiting Here for You'.

It glorified their relationship and wrote about how they were separated due to a misunderstanding when they were young and got married seven years later.

The author wrote a bunch of stories; no one knew if they were fake or real, but everyone was touched.

Even Huo Mian felt like crying after reading the article#

Jiang Xiaowei and Zhu Lingling gave her wedding advice while Qin Chu prepared everything in his study, from the hotel they were going to book, the guests they were going to invite, and the red wine and champagne they were going to drink.

He picked everything as meticulously as he possibly could#

- Seductive Fox Nightclub -

Huo Siqian was drinking with a bunch of rich heirs.

Su Yu was there too, drinking with Wei Liao, Tang Chuan, and a few women Tang Chuan brought with him in a separate private room.

When they saw each other in the dim hallway, Huo Siqian smiled at Su Yu. "Mian's holding a wedding soon, are you sure# you don't want to do anything about it?"