Chapter 1432: Honey, Let’s Get Married? (3)

When Qin Chu and Huo Mian arrived, GK Film and Television was packed with people, as if something really bad happened.

"President Qin, Young Madam."

"President Qin, Young Madam, you're here."

The manager of GK Film and Television had been busy with the auditions and was rarely at the company. Therefore, Ni Yang's agent, Yingzi, was in charge of most things these days.

"What happened?" Curious, Huo Mian looked at everyone's serious expressions.

"Young Madam# there's a mole in our company," Yingzi said in all seriousness, surprising Huo Mian.

Before she could respond, however, Yingzi continued, "Ni Yang's new album is coming out, it's already recorded and we're waiting for the promotion period to end. It was going to be released on the 12th of next month, but last night an anonymous netizen posted a bunch of his new songs on a renowned forum, even the title track. Now, no one's going to buy his new album, since people can just listen to the pirate versions."

"Did you call the police and ask them to track down the IP address?" Qin Chu asked.

"I did, but it was useless. It's an abandoned civilian building that was completely empty when they got there# it's obvious that this was a setup!"

"How can you be sure that there's a mole?" Qin Chu continued asking Yingzi.

"President Qin, isn't it obvious? Only the composer and the music directors knew about Ni Yang's song, but they've been working with us for years so there's no way they would sell us out. Not a lot of people at the company heard it, aside from me, Ni Yang, and the Young Madam. Oh, there's also that new assistant," Yingzi said as she glanced at Chen Jie with animosity.

Then, everyone's gaze landed on Chen Jie# as if she was the mole.

Chen Jie looked scared and looked at Huo Mian as if she was asking for help. "It wasn't me, Chief#"

"Yingzi, it's too early to make that conclusion, we should investigate first."

"What's the point of investigating? Isn't it obvious? Nothing of the sort happened before she got here, I can't believe Ni Yang's album would be leaked before its release day, F*ck," Yingzi cursed as she spat out her gum; it was obvious that she was targeting Chen Jie.

Yingzi had disliked Chen Jie since day one. Ever since she found out that Ni Yang liked this little nurse, she had been trying to talk him out of it, but Ni Yang refused to budge and kept hanging out with her.

When Huo Mian left the hospital, this thick-faced woman even asked to work at GK, making Yingzi more annoyed at her than ever.

She had been giving Chen Jie a hard time at work behind Ni Yang's back.

Suddenly, Ni Yang glanced at Chen Jie and said, "President Qin, Mian, I trust Jie. It's not her."

"Ni Yang# you can't judge a book by its cover, how can you be so sure? What if she was the one who betrayed you?" Yingzi retorted angrily.

"She didn't, I know the kind of person she is, perhaps someone else messed up. Anyways# it's not her, she would never betray me." Then, Ni Yang ignored the others' expressions as he walked up to Chen Jie and took her hand in his own.

Emotional, Chen Jie tried to take her hand back. "Stop it, everyone's watching."

"Why can't we let everyone know we're together? Plus, President Qin wouldn't stop me from dating# I'm not an idol, I'm not that selfless and have never said that I would stay single for my fans# Once I release my new album, I'm going to announce our relationship."

Ni Yang had never been so courageous and determined#

"No, I won't agree to it," Yingzi refused without thinking.