Chapter 1430: Honey, Let’s Get Married? (1)

"Mian, it's me#" Qin Chu shook her shoulders, trying to wake her up.

Huo Mian came back to her senses upon hearing his voice; she froze for a second as she stared into Qin Chu's face.

"Qin Chu?" she asked uncertainly.

"Mian# what happened?" Qin Chu frowned, noticing Huo Mian's odd reaction.

"Honey# I've missed you so much#" Huo Mian put her arms tightly around Qin Chu's neck and actually began crying like a little girl who had been bullied.

Qin Chu gently patted her back. "Stop crying, I'm sorry for coming back so late, you must've been so worried."

He finished dealing with the matters in T City and completely shut down the branch company. It wasn't operating anymore, but Qin Chu was still pissed that he lost the key piece of evidence to Jiang Linyue's case.

At the same time, he found out that Huo Siqian's influence in T City was more significant than he thought.

Qin Chu didn't like traveling around since the company's headquarters were in C City. After some thought, he decided to close the branch company first so Huo Siqian wouldn't be able to manipulate him in T City.

To his surprise, he was gone for so long that Huo Mian cried when he came back.

Huo Mian hugged Qin Chu for a very long time before finally letting him go. He took some tissues from the bedside table and gently wiped away her tears. "Stop crying# your eyes are going to swell up tomorrow."

"It's okay, I have small eyes, it's not going to make a difference," Huo Mian pouted, and Qin Chu couldn't help but laugh, "But if you go out like this, tomorrow the newspaper headlines will be, 'Last night, Mr. Qin beat up Mrs. Qin'."

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian's tears turned into laughter#

"Stop crying, okay?" He gently stroked her face, and Huo Mian nodded.

"You didn't even change out of your clothes?" Only then did Qin Chu realize that Huo Mian was still wearing her black pantsuit underneath the covers.

My god, what was happening?

This was something that never happened to our germophobic Doctor Huo.

"I was really tired from working overtime and was too lazy to change."

"I'll help you."

"No#" Huo Mian's face reddened as she rejected.

"We're an old married couple, so stop being so shy, I've seen you naked countless times," Qin Chu said as he gently removed her jacket. Then, he unbuttoned her shirt with great familiarity.

Off came her beige bra# Huo Mian looked down quietly and let Qin Chu slowly undress her#

When he removed everything, Qin Chu carried Huo Mian into the bathroom and filled the tub with warm water.

"You can go now, I'll do the rest myself," Huo Mian said, but Qin Chu didn't leave. Rather, he began undressing.

"Hey, wait, what are you doing?"

"Taking a bath with you."

"No#" Huo Mian covered her face with her hands in embarrassment.

"Women never say what they mean, the more you say 'no', the more you mean 'yes'. I know, Honey," Qin Chu said as he walked towards the bathtub.


Then, water splashed out of the tub as Qin Chu devoured her# Huo Mian only felt happiness and undying warmth when she was with Qin Chu.

- An hour later -

Qin Chu wrapped a towel around Huo Mian, carried her back into the bedroom, and carefully placed her on their giant bed. Then, he turned around and took out a white cotton sleep dress from the closet and put it on her.

"Honey, are you hungry?"

"You're hungry?" Qin Chu turned around and gently looked at her.

Huo Mian pulled up the comforter and stared at Qin Chu with puppy-dog eyes. "I want egg-fried rice, the kind that's a little overcooked#"