Chapter 1428: I Want to Date You for the Rest of My Life (9)

Huo Siqian smiled at his impending success when he saw Huo Mian hiding into Qin Chu's office. As soon as she went in, she would be trapped with no way out#

He walked up to the president's office and looked into the unlocked door. After a slight hesitation, he reached out to open the door.

A stack of documents fell down but failed to hit him. This was a tactic that students used in middle school to prank their teachers and other students.

Usually, they would use a blackboard eraser; Huo Siqian didn't think Huo Mian would use such a childish method that couldn't even hit him. So what if it did? They were just documents that couldn't hurt him at all. His Mian was sure cute#

Therefore, he opened the door and headed inside, confident that he was going to win this chase. Victory was so easy, he didn't even get to have his fun yet.

Huo Mian was hiding under Qin Chu's desk, holding a stun gun tightly in her hands#

She knew if Huo Siqian went crazy, she would be no match for him.

She was 160 cm tall, while he was 180 cm# Moreover, Huo Siqian looked strong.

Huo Mian wasn't a coward, but she was truly terrified# because Huo Siqian seemed like a vicious beast tonight#

She knew if he caught her, she would be a trampled victim.

Upon hearing Huo Siqian's footsteps, Huo Mian closed her eyes and prayed#

Perhaps Huo Siqian was too arrogant and overestimated himself, or perhaps he underestimated Huo Mian. He only remembered to look up and completely forgot about what was on the ground#

Huo Siqian didn't realize that something had pricked him until he felt a slight pain in his foot, forcing him to stop in his tracks. He looked down and removed a nail from his leather shoe.

The nail went right through the bottom of his shoe and into his foot because just now, he instinctively placed all of his weight on that foot.

Only then did he realize that the childish prank by the door was placed to divert his attention.

The true catch was here#

Accompanying the pain was a numbing feeling on his left foot 每 Huo Mian for sure did something to the nail!

Huo Siqian was going to gobble her up tonight, but she played him#

He sighed and stopped walking because he knew how strong Huo Mian's anesthesia was.

Back when the Huo Corporation was still sponsoring South Side, Director Wu casually mentioned to him how strong Huo Mian's self-made anesthesia was. It was strong and had minimal side effects.

While experimenting with it, the slightest injection knocked out five, fully-grown white mice.

He knew that he was slowed down by the anesthesia. Therefore, if he continued confronting Huo Mian, he would end up losing to her.

Therefore, after removing the nail from his foot, he immediately turned around and walked away#

Huo Mian didn't open her eyes until the sounds of his footsteps disappeared. She patted her rapidly-beating chest and took a couple of deep breaths.

Did he really leave? Or was he trying to lure her out?

Doubtful, she waited for ten more minutes. Then, she took out her phone and sent Ni Yang a WeChat message, "Come pick me up at the office. The elevator's down, take the stairs."

Ni Yang had just finished listening to the demo of his new album and wasn't yet asleep. Therefore, upon receiving this message he immediately headed to GK#

Half an hour later, someone opened her office doors. "Sister Mian, are you in there?"