Chapter 1427: I Want to Date You for the Rest of My Life (8)

As she ran, the footsteps below her became more rapid as well, scaring her half-to-death.

She had never stayed at GK until this hour, so she wasn't familiar with the light switches. All she could do was feel around, trying to remember the layout of the top floor.

It was so late, and the elevators were down, so who could be climbing up more than 30 flights of stairs?


But GK's security guards patrolled in twos to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Was Mr. Qin back? The top floor housed the president's office, conference rooms, lounges, and VIP guest areas, so normal employees couldn't even come up. Was Qin Chu here in the middle of the night?

But# he didn't even call her beforehand, how did he know she was still here? Did he ask Bella?

Countless questions popped into her head as she continued running upstairs. But, a brave thought suddenly came to her 每 she really wanted to find out who it was.

What if someone was in here to steal stuff? If she saw their face, she could identify them later on.

Therefore, she slowed down her footsteps and forced herself to turn around so she could find out who it was.

The footsteps sounded like they came from one person, or else the pace would be off.

If it was just one person, then Huo Mian didn't have to be so scared. She only needed to run if they had a weapon# Plus, there was a stun gun in Qin Chu's drawer that she could use to defend herself.

Huo Mian stopped at the edge of the top-floor hallway. Next to her was the conference room and at the end of the hallway was the president's office.

Soon, the footsteps became nearer and nearer, and Huo Mian felt anxious as she tried to calm her breathing down.

For some weird reason, the voice-activated lights in the hallway weren't working either#

Huo Mian ran and ran but the lights still didn't turn on. The good thing was they were located in downtown, so even if the hallways were dark, she could still see the light reflected from traffic lights and neighboring skyscrapers.

Huo Mian held her phone tightly in her hands, and when that person arrived at the end of the hallway, Huo Mian saw his shadow 每 the intruder was a tall man.

They each stood at each end of the hallway, with about 18 meters between them.

It was too dark; when he walked towards Huo Mian, she suddenly shone her flashlight in his face and almost shrieked out in shock.

It was# Huo Siqian's face!

But he looked different than he usually did.

How so? Huo Siqian always wore a relaxed smile on his face when he saw Huo Mian.

However, the man in front of her looked vicious# as if he was a wolf that was chasing down his prey.

His expression gave Huo Mian goosebumps all over; was this person Huo Siqian or not? Or was it just someone who looked like him?

She suddenly had a feeling 每 if Huo Siqian caught her tonight, then# she would be screwed.

At this thought, she suddenly came back to her senses and began running, and Huo Siqian's footsteps accelerated as well.

On this peaceful evening, he quietly cut off the security system at GK and blocked countless cameras. He even turned off the voice-activated lights and all the elevators# he was determined to catch Huo Mian tonight.

Huo Mian ran as fast as she could, feeling as if her heart was going to jump out of its socket. However, Huo Siqian's speed was no slower than hers; he smiled evilly and licked his lips. "Mian# should we play cat and mouse tonight? If I catch you, then#"

Huo Mian quickly reached the end of the hallway and had nowhere else to go. The elevators were down, so the only way to go downstairs was through the stairwell, which was in Huo Siqian's direction#

In the end, she clenched down on her teeth and ran into the president's office. She knew going in was a dead end. If the person chasing her came in, they would have to confront each other, face to face.