Chapter 1422: I Want to Date You for the Rest of My Life 3

After Song Yishi found out that Song Yixuan had gotten into a car accident, she immediately went to the hospital with her parents.

Originally, she thought it was a pure hit-and-run. However, Song Yishi was told that her cousin was with Yang Xiuping at the time of the accident, and she immediately became suspicious.

In the beginning, she even thought that Huo Mian did it#

But she quickly rejected that thought 每 Huo Mian was too smart to do something like that.

After all, it was a sensitive time and she would never risk letting a scandal break out.

If wasn't Huo Mian, and Qin Chu wasn't even in C City# the only person ruthless enough to do something like this was Huo Siqian.

According to Song Yixuan, the car was extremely fast, and it was obvious that the driver intentionally hit them.

The good thing was that she reacted quickly and therefore only cracked her ribs.

However, Yang Xiuping wasn't so lucky and her legs sustained a comminuted fracture, and surgery couldn't guarantee her full recovery.

The Song Family was powerful enough to hide the news of her accident; they didn't let the media report about Song Yixuan.

Instead, they gave her an alias, 'Miss Wang', redirecting the people's attention to Yang Xiuping.

The more she thought about it, the more terrified Song Yishi became. Therefore, she drove right back to Huo Siqian's mansion and as expected, he was at home.

"Huo Siqian, is every single person that tries to hurt Huo Mian a prick in your eyes?"

"Smart girl." Huo Siqian smiled as he raised his glass at her.

"Haha# your love is so pathetic, does she know what you've done for her?"

"She doesn't have to know, as long as she's safe# I won't forgive anyone who tries to hurt her# including you," Huo Siqian sneered, sending goosebumps up Song Yishi's body.

Ever since she found out how Huo Siqian felt about Huo Mian, she stopped thinking of ways to defame her.

Compared to Huo Mian, Huo Siqian was a much more terrifying opponent.

"You've gone crazy# if she knew how perverted you are, she's going to hate you even more than she already does."

"One day, she'll fall in love with me. You should pray for my success. If I defeat Qin Chu# you'll finally have a tiny chance of being with him#"

"I'm not as despicable as you are. Perhaps my methods aren't great either, but I would never risk human lives to get what I want. If Xuan died today, my uncle would have killed you."

True, Song Yishi wasn't that close with Song Yixuan. However, the latter was her uncle's only child and if she really died, the Songs weren't going to let Huo Siqian off the hook so easily.

To her surprise, Huo Siqian slowly placed his wine glass down on the coffee table. Then, he narrowed his eyes at Song Yishi and smiled. "Who does your uncle think he is? If your dad's nothing to me, do you think I'd care about your uncle? Do you really think your family's that powerful? You've got to be kidding me#"

Song Yishi was so angry that her face turned pale, but she didn't dare to respond; she knew she couldn't afford to anger a psycho like Huo Siqian.

"Oh, and feel free to record our conversation and hand the recording over to the police."

Upon hearing this, Song Yishi froze.

"But you might not be able to make it there alive." Huo Siqian smiled evilly before going upstairs.

Terrified, Song Yishi's face was as pale as a ghost. He just threatened her, proving that he was a devil capable of killing others without blinking.

Like Huo Mian, Song Yishi suspected that Huo Siqian had something to do with Jiang Linyue's death in T City.

However, she didn't have any evidence against him and was too scared to investigate.

The fact that Huo Siqian tried to kill Song Yixuan and Yang Xiuping was a publicly-known secret. How confident was he to be so sure that he could control everything and do anything he wanted to?

He could ignore her dad and her uncle# so how was Qin Chu supposed to defeat a man who treated humans like bugs?

Suddenly, Song Yishi became worried about Qin Chu. She may still have the urge to possess him but right now, she was genuinely worried about him.

- 12:30 AM -

Huo Mian's mother called her right when she fell asleep. "Mian# Xiuping got into an accident."


"Your uncle just called and asked me to pay for her operation." Yang Meirong seemed to be struggling about this.