Chapter 1421: I Want to Date You for the Rest of My Life 2

"I didn't tell you because I didn't want you to worry# After all, she's your niece# I found where she sold your jewelry and exposed her. She was scared to go to jail, so she bought your jewelry back. Then, I chased her out#"

"No wonder# she left in such a hurry." Yang Meirong became sad as she finally understood everything. "Why would she do that, I was so nice to her#"

"Mom# we don't live in a world where sincerity is always returned with sincerity#"

"You're right, during Chinese New Year, I told her to give your uncle a bunch of stuff and money. I can't believe after all that she would still slander you# What a heartless girl."

"Forget it, Mom, I don't care. I went on an interview today and explained everything that happened. I also got to promote our company's new products, so she didn't do any damage. But Mom, if she comes looking for you in the future#"

"I won't even let her in my door," Yang Meirong replied angrily.

"Mhm, Xiuping's not that innocent. I don't think you should contact her in the future#"

Huo Mian nodded upon seeing her mother's attitude.

That evening, Yang Meirong made Huo Mian whole-wheat handmade noodles, and the latter ate two giant bowls before driving home.

After she returned to South Hill Manor, she went straight into the study and began organizing company documents. She finally understood why Qin Chu had to work every day after work. So many things went on at GK, and documents stacked up like tiny mountains on her desk.

Therefore, she immediately began going through them.

On the other side of town, Huo Siqian was furious at Yang Xiuping; he couldn't tolerate those who tried to defame Huo Mian.

In the beginning, he thought Song Yishi was the mastermind behind this incident. But after investigating, he realized that Song Yixuan had been in touch with Yang Xiuping for a while now.

"Sir, they're meeting tonight."

"Great, I'll be giving them a surprise." Huo Siqian raised his hand to his lips and kissed his index finger.

That night, after Yang Xiuping and Song Yixuan saw each other and left the restaurant, a speeding race car slammed into them#

Song Yixuan broke three ribs, while Yang Xiuping sustained a left knee fracture and multiple injuries on her body.

The two of them were sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

It was 11 PM by the time Huo Mian was done with work.

She was going to have dinner with Lingling and Gao Ran, but she had to reschedule to tomorrow evening because of Yang Xiuping's rant on the reality show.

After showering, she climbed into bed and was just about to go to sleep when she saw a piece of news on her phone.

Song Yixuan was of special status, so her identity wasn't exposed. However, Yang Xiuping's name was all over the news.

Most netizens were exhilarated and stated that B*tch Yang deserved it. Some even went to Huo Mian's Weibo and commented, "Justice is served."

Upon seeing this, Huo Mian didn't know whether to laugh or cry#

- Huo Siqian's private mansion -

Song Yishi didn't go back home with her parents after coming back from the hospital.

When she came back, Huo Siqian was in the living room, drinking red wine in his robe.

"You were the one who almost killed Xuan, weren't you?" Song Yishi demanded angrily.

"What, shouldn't you be happy? Your idiot of a cousin almost destroyed your face last time, isn't it better if she died?" Huo Siqian basically admitted to his crimes. He was so arrogant that he didn't see the point in pretending anymore.

"Huo Siqian, are you crazy?" Song Yishi screamed.