Chapter 142: Romantic Rival

Chapter 142: Romantic Rival
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"Who did you hear it from?" Without looking up, Huo Mian asked calmly as she held onto the tube.

"It doesn't matter, just answer my question."

"Why should I answer you, we're not friends. You're funny."

"Of course, we've never been friends. We're just romantic rivals."

Huo Mian lifted her head at this and glanced at Liu Siying, "Correction, we're just rivals, but not of the romantic nature, since you were never a competition when Qin Chu never liked you."

"We will date, just you wait," Liu Siying clenched her teeth as she enunciated to Huo Mian.

"Yeah? Good luck." Then, Huo Mian pulled out the needle and warned her, "You should press on it, or else it might swell."

"Did you do that on purpose?" Liu Siying asked, a little aggravated.

"Of course not, if I were, I wouldn't be able to find your vein on the first try. I'd poke you again and again until I destroy it."

"You're a vicious b*tch," Liu Siying cursed.

"But I didn't, did I?" Huo Mian smiled; she wasn't angry at all.

Before she left, Liu Siying looked at Huo Mian and said, "Huo Mian, you're just as arrogant as you used to be. But I won't give up. Just you wait, one day, Qin Chu will be mine."

"Sounds good, I hope you never wake up from your fantasy."

Liu Siying, furious at what Huo Mian said, turned around and stomped away.

Huo Mian laughed; it was like she was back in high school, fighting with Liu Siying.

Actually, she didn't hate Liu Siying at all, but for some reason Liu Siying always treated her like an enemy.

At least Liu Siying was open and straightforward. She always said what she had on her mind, even if it wasn't easy to the ears. She would never do things behind another person's back.

There's an old saying, 'offend the gentleman, never the petty man.'

Therefore, Huo Mian felt that at the very least, Liu Siying was a worthy rival.

While having lunch in the cafeteria, other people kept pointing at Huo Mian. There were compliments but also criticisms.

Some complimented her surgical skills and said that she was a rare talent.

Others criticized that she was playing with fire and that she will be kicked out of the hospital, sooner or later.

However, Huo Mian didn't care about what they said.

"Huo Mian, aren't you mad that people are discussing you?" Huang Yue asked quietly.

"Why should I be angry? It's my life. If I care too much about what other people think, my life will become like old underwear, having to endure others' farts."

"Hahaha, you are so cute! I would definitely marry you if I were a guy." Huang Yue laughed hysterically at Huo Mian's remarks.

"Forget it, I wouldn't marry you if you were a guy."

The duo chatted on and didn't realize that someone was heading towards them.

Wu Xiaoxue was emotionally unstable, so she ditched work to go home and rest.

Ning Zhiyuan himself was also emotionally and physically drained; he wasn't in the mood to work all morning and didn't even want to eat lunch.

However, he heard from his colleagues in the Ophthalmology Department that Huo Mian was in the cafeteria, so for some reason, he came down to see her.

"Mian, I heard what you did last night, you did well."

Huo Mian was laughing along with Huang Yue; when she saw that it was Ning Zhiyuan standing behind her, her beautiful smile immediately disappeared.

"Thank you," she replied, her tone distant.

"Can I speak to you alone for a second? I need to talk to you," Ning Zhiyuan asked with difficulty and deliberately casted a look at Huang Yue.

Huang Yue, scared to make the decision, glanced back at Huo Mian as if she was asking for Huo Mian's opinion.