Chapter 1419: I Do Enjoy Hitting Someone When They*re Down 10

Bella glanced at the TV while observing the Huo Mian's expression. "Young Madam, should we call the TV station and file a complaint?"


"But what she's saying is really bad for your reputation."

"It's okay, let her be."

Yang Xiuping's reality-show defamation of Huo Mian immediately became a hot topic of discussion amongst civilians. Yang Xiuping even took the opportunity to register a Weibo account.

Some fans even complimented how real and straightforward she was.

That was, until that afternoon when Huo Mian accepted an exclusive interview with a renowned media outlet. Once the interview was posted, various medias uploaded it onto the front page of their websites.

The title of the interview was 每 Cousin? Huo Mian Doesn't Know Her Well.

Huo Mian looked calm, collected, and relaxed during the entire interview. She emitted a powerful vibe and was neither showy nor humble.

"Mrs. Qin, is Yang Xiuping, who appeared on that reality show, really your cousin?"

"Yes, she's the daughter of my mother's older brother."

"Then why don't you know her well? She seems close to your mother, but you claim to know Ni Yang better than her."

"When I was young, we used to be really poor and my mother raised my brother and me on her own. I guess my uncle was frustrated that we were poor and didn't want us asking him for help# so he never even contacted us. I never met my cousin until she came to visit a while ago."

"She said you wrongfully accused her of stealing. Is it the truth, or#?" the host asked.

"The jewelry store probably still has the security footage of her selling my mother's jewelry, so I don't think I can wrongfully accuse her of something like this# unless she really did it."

"She also said that you chased her out?"

"Yes, I couldn't forgive her for selling my mother's jewelry, since my mom gave her pocket money to spend, a place to live, and food to eat. It's a matter of moral quality. I would never let an immoral person live under my roof, whether they are a relative or a friend."

"Does your mother know about it?"

"She didn't, but after Yang Xiuping announced it on the reality show, my mother probably found out."

"Is there anything you want to tell her?"

"No, I'm not one to stir up trouble, but I won't hide away either. Yang Xiuping isn't a scheming girl, I think she was probably used#"

"Your company has an outstanding legal team, will you be suing her?"

"No, I would never do that to my other. After all, Yang Xiuping's my mom's niece, so I don't want to take this matter to court."

"Some netizens said that she did all this to become famous and receive attention, what do you think?"

"I don't have any comments on that, people can do what they want. I never judge."

"It's true what they say, Mrs. Qin, you really are magnanimous. Thank you for accepting our exclusive interview, and I wish you success in the future."

"Thank you."

"Finally, may I ask how Eternal Light's presales are going?" the host asked with a smile.

"It's going well# we're already producing the first batch."

"I hope that it will become a big seller."

"Thank you." Huo Mian thanked the host again before leaving the stage.

She didn't say much about Yang Xiuping; after all, they weren't on the same level, so why would she make such a big deal about it?

Moreover, Yang Xiuping wasn't worth it for Huo Mian to use GK's legal team on.

After Huo Mian's exclusive interview was uploaded, netizens began speculating about who was right 每 Yang Xiuping, who claimed that she was wronged and didn't steal jewelry and Huo Mian, who said Yang Xiuping stole and sold the jewelry.

Bored netizens even began asking jewelry stores across the city and that evening, the owner of a jewelry store uploaded his security footage onto Weibo, proving that Yang Xiuping indeed sold a large amount of jewelry at his shop.

Once the evidence was exposed, Yang Xiuping's Weibo crowded with angry netizens that threatened to cyber manhunt her.

Quickly, Huo Mian and Yang Xiuping ended up on the Weibo trending page.