Chapter 1418: I Do Enjoy Hitting Someone When They*re Down 9

"Ha# Jie, you're a nurse, I don't think you'll be used to working at a company."

"I can learn if I don't know something, but I just want to work under you." Chen Jie looked at Huo Mian as if she had been wronged; she was heartbroken upon hearing that her boss wasn't working at the hospital anymore and had left her there.

"Jie, I didn't resign# the director issued me an unpaid leave, I'll probably go back to work soon."

"But everyone at the hospital's saying that you're not coming back, and I have the same feeling#" Chen Jie said quietly.

"Tell me the truth, do you want to work here because you'll get to see Ni Yang more?" Huo Mian teased her on purpose, causing Chen Jie's face to turn into a red apple. "Chief# what are you talking about?"

"Ha# okay, I'll stop teasing you. What about this, if you really want to come work here, you can be Ni Yang's assistant for now rather than mine. There are too many things going on at the company and it'll be a while before you can learn everything# you can work under Ni Yang at GK Film and Television."

Chen Jie was pleasantly surprised to hear this; she didn't think Huo Mian would agree so easily#

Before she could say anything, Huo Mian added, "You'll be paid the same amount as other assistants at GK Film and Television, along with basic benefits. Although you're a full-time nurse at South Side, our company provides social insurance and housing funds, so it's no less than what the hospital has to offer# but I wonder if Director Wu would chop me in half if he finds out that I stole you from the hospital#"

"No, he won't, you're Director Wu's favorite doctor." Chen Jie beamed.

"Look at you# go on now, I'll call film and television. You can head over there."

"I will, thanks, Chief# oh, wait, thanks, President Huo," Chen Jie laughed as she ran out of Huo Mian's office.

Huo Mian's head hurt; she took out some cold medicine from her purse and took some. She had been so physically exhausted recently that she felt like she should get a shot of nutrition or something. However, she had no time on her hands, so she could only take medicine for the time being.

Only Bella knew about this, and she felt bad for the young madam#

Suddenly, she received a WeChat voice message from Zhu Lingling.

"I get back to C City this afternoon, and I'm craving barbequed pork hocks."

"Do I look like a pork hock to you?" Huo Mian replied.

"A little# but your taste is off, pork hocks taste better."

"Screw you!"

Only when bickering with Zhu Lingling did Huo Mian realize that she was still a young woman.

"When do you land this afternoon? I'll pick you up."

"No, it's okay, Gao Ran's picking me up. Pick a restaurant and let me know, Mrs. Moneybags, you're treating."

"Mhm, you'll bring me. I'll bring the money," Huo Mian laughed.

Just then, Bella knocked and came in. "Young Madam, did# you watch the live stream?"

"What live stream?" Huo Mian froze for a second.

"You should turn on the TV# I think your cousin participated in some reality show# and then she's been defaming you#" Bella hesitated.

A bad feeling crept up Huo Mian's spine; cousin? Yang Xiuping?

Then, Bella handed a remote control to Huo Mian, who turned the TV on and switched to a local satellite channel, which was broadcasting a reality show called 'Flower Girl'.

Yang Xiuping looked completely different than she used to; not only did she look fashionable, she also seemed to have gotten microsurgery# It was obvious that she had gotten hyaluronic acid injections on her face.

"My cousin Huo Mian# how should I put this? She's not as good as she seems on the surface. Everyone has a dark side# Back when I was living with my Auntie, she wrongfully accused me of stealing my Auntie's money and chased me out# I didn't tell my Auntie these things because I didn't want her to feel bad. My cousin's personality#"

Yang Xiuping continued defaming Huo Mian, leaving the latter more annoyed than ever.

Yang Xiuping went onto a reality show to slander her? How exciting.