Chapter 1416: I Do Enjoy Hitting Someone When They*re Down 7


"What does 'mmm' mean? Do you like it or not?" Huo Mian wasn't satisfied with Qin Chu's answer.

"I like it." Qin Chu couldn't help but laugh.

He knew that Mian would be antsy, like a kid who got perfect on a test waiting for a compliment.

Huo Mian's intelligence was unquestionable, but she always behaved like a kid in front of him.

She trusted and relied on him, so she never had to keep anything from him...

Like her mother and Zhixin, he was her immediate family.

A while ago, Xiaowei brought Huo Mian to a psychology seminar.

A famous psychology professor had a very special lecture.

Why was it special? They spent the entire class playing subtraction games.

Huo Mian remembered her first time on the stage very clearly.

The professor said, "Write the names of your loved ones on the board."

So, Huo Mian slowly wrote the names of Qin Chu, Yang Meirong, Jing Zhixin, Zhu Lingling, Jiang Xiaowei, Gao Ran, and Chen Jie, her favorite assistant.

The professor smiled and said, "Now, Death is going to take a person away from you. You have a choice. The name you cross out will be taken away by Death forever."

Huo Mian hesitated...

"Go ahead."

Huo Mian debated, looked up at the blackboard and crossed out Chen Jie's name.

"Death doesn't think it's enough, he wants to take three more# You decide."

After the professor spoke, Huo Mian hesitated and crossed out Gao Ran, Jiang Xiaowei, and Zhu Lingling...

At that moment, there were only Qin Chu, Zhixin, and Yang Meirong left.

The professor looked at Huo Mian and said with a serious tone, "Death is greedy, he's going to take another."

Huo Mian remained silent and crossed out Yang Meirong with a heavy heart...

Although she loved her mom and Zhixin equally, she was getting old while Zhixin had many years ahead of him.

So, her mother should go first if it came down to that.

At last, there were only Qin Chu and Zhixin left on the blackboard...

"Cross out one more," the professor ordered.

"No, I can't#" Huo Mian was dying on the inside.

Although it was only a game, she didn't want to continue crossing out names...

There were only Zhixin and Qin Chu left, and she loved them the most.

"Only one can remain, hurry up and cross the other out," the professor sternly demanded.

Shaking, Huo Mian raised her head and slowly crossed out the name beside Qin Chu's...

Finally, only one person was left.

The professor kindheartedly looked at her. "The final person is the person you value the most. Somebody that you would trade your life for# Cherish them; life's short, the treasurable time you spend with them is short as well."

At last, Huo Mian found out that the seminar was called, 'Cherishment'.

It forced people to realize the most important person in their hearts.

Huo Mian already knew that in her heart, Qin Chu surpassed everything.

"Honey, did you know? Eternal Light is super popular right now, the orders are through the roof." Huo Mian continued to ask for validation.

"Mhm, my wife's the best. Wait for me at home. Take a break and go back to South Side, don't let GK affect your work#"

Qin Chu had always known that Huo Mian liked being a doctor, so he was thinking for her.

After a moment of silence, Huo Mian slowly said, "Honey, I handed in my resignation letter to Director Wu."

"Why?" Qin Chu frowned.

"Because I want to help you."

"Dummy, didn't I say that you should put yourself first? We don't need the money, we can live comfortably for the rest of our lives. If I am tired, I can sell GK and be a doctor with you. Do you guys need an extra neurosurgeon? I'm quite skilled." Qin Chu smiled gently...

As for Huo Mian, she really wanted to cry.

Shouldn't men put their careers ahead of their emotions?

Why would her Mr. Qin be so idiotic and crazy as to think about selling his company so that he could be a doctor with her?

"Why would you sell it? It's your dad's legacy," Huo Mian corrected him.

"But the heart is where your heart is at," Qin Chu stared at Huo Mian's face and said in all seriousness.