Chapter 1410: I Do Enjoy Hitting Someone When They*re Down 1

Jiang Xiaowei's expression darkened upon seeing Huo Siqian. "Why is he here? To gloat?"

Recently, Huo Siqian's animosity towards GK increased significantly. Qin Chu wasn't here, so he took the opportunity to steal GK's business, whether it was in real estate or entertainment.

Huo Mian wondered if he had a seizure; why would he come today?

"Mian# why didn't you tell me that you were launching new products tonight?" Huo Siqian walked up to her in a flashy orange suit.

"President Huo, you're a busy man, I didn't dare to bother you."

"Don't be a stranger# we're# family." Huo Siqian looked at Huo Mian's face, his mood lightened by her presence.

"You're funny, President Huo, but we're not family# I don't have a relative as prestigious as you#"

"Are you being stubborn again? Still mad at me for establishing an entertainment company? If that's the case# I can ask the artists to go back to GK# it's not a big deal." Amused, Huo Siqian smiled.

Huo Mian kept her elegance#.

"I'm sorry, my husband and I don't like people who betray their companies, so President Huo, you should keep them for yourself. It's not like we'll accept them if they come back anyway," she replied, looking profoundly at Mo Xue'er, who was standing next to Huo Siqian in a black evening gown.

Mo Xue'er remained calm. "Mrs. Qin, I only look forward. Once I leave, I will never go back. Plus, I didn't know your company very well back then, and President Huo was the only reason I signed with GK, so wasn't it normal for me to leave? It's not like we were friends."

Huo Mian became agitated by Mo Xue'er's mocking.

Back when the latter was pregnant, she came looking for her every day, and Huo Mian even interrogated Huo Siqian for her. However, now that she had miscarried, this woman turned against her and completely cut her off, throwing away everything Huo Mian had done for her.

Huo Mian hated those with no guilty conscience and was glad that they weren't close to begin with. Or else, Mo Xue'er stabbing her in the back would've hurt like hell#

She smiled. "I knew you were close with President Huo, Miss Mo. I also thought you would become Mrs. Huo, but too bad he married Miss Song# I guess life is full of surprises."

Upon hearing this, Mo Xue'er's face fell; she was no match for Huo Mian when it came to verbal confrontations.

If she wanted to, Huo Mian could poke at Mo Xue'er's wounds for an hour, making her feel pain she had never felt before.

However, Huo Mian didn't see the point in doing that. After her brief exchange with Huo Siqian and Mo Xue'er, they sat down in the first row.

They came without an invitation; although Huo Mian wasn't happy about it, she didn't chase them out either, since so many reporters were here and it would suck if any scandals broke out at a time like this.

Five minutes before the press conference started, Huo Mian sent Qin Chu a WeChat message, "Honey, I'm really nervous."

It was Huo Mian's first new-launch press conference and she was indeed nervous. If she didn't do good and sales weren't boosted, she would feel extremely guilty.

"Don't worry, Honey. Repeat in your head 'I'm not nervous' three times, and you'll feel better."

"Honey# it's not the time to poke fun at me!"

"Don't worry# the company will be fine even if you screw up# don't feel pressure, I'll be watching you live shortly."

Upon seeing this message, Huo Mian became even more nervous.

"Young Madam, we're ready, would you like to start?" Bella asked, and Huo Mian nodded while holding her breath.

Then, the ballroom lights dimmed, and party music began to play.

While everyone's attention was on the stage, a man wearing a white Versace jacket sat down in the corner of the last row. He watched Huo Mian, who was sitting in the first row, with a gentle expression on his face#