Chapter 1409: My Husband*s Business Comes First 10

"I do# that was my goal when I was young, I always believed that using my skills to save a life is the most meaningful thing in the world."

"Good# Not only do I appreciate your talents, I also respect you as a person# You'll always be Dr. Huo, the best doctor South Side will ever have."

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian felt a surge of respect for Director Wu. She slowly stood up and bowed down to him. "Thank you, as my mentor and my boss, you've injected me with so much positive energy. You encouraged me, guided me, and gave me countless opportunities to succeed. Thank you for giving me such leeway today# you've given me hope for the future#"

"Stop it, stop appealing to my emotions, I'm too old for this. Let's eat, the dumplings are getting cold." Director Wu smiled kindly.

Then, he changed the subject and went on to discuss neurology with Huo Mian as they enjoyed dinner.

Time passed by fast; Huo Mian looked down at her watch 每 the press conference was starting in an hour.

"Director Wu, I'm going to go now#"


"Starting tomorrow#"

"You don't have to go to work anymore. Just pick up your personal items when you have time# I'll keep your office for you."

"Director Wu, my assistant, Chen Jie, is an outstanding nurse#" Huo Mian continued, and Director Wu nodded. "I know. As long as she's willing to work hard, I'm willing to give her a chance."

"Thank you!" Huo Mian was elated; she already thanked Director Wu so many times tonight, each time more sincere than the last.

Right before she left, Director Wu suddenly lowered his voice and said, "Ning Zhiyuan went to Chicago."

"He made up his mind?" Huo Mian tilted her head and looked at Director Wu, who nodded. "I think so. Truth be told, I don't like him, but if Xiaoxue is willing to give him another chance for their daughter, then I guess we can do nothing much but wish them the best of luck. I hope he can mend his ways this time around."

"Me too." Huo Mian nodded. Then, she said goodbye to Director Wu and directly drove to the hotel.

"Young Madam, you're finally here, where's the makeup artist?" Bella was getting nervous, since the press conference was starting in less than 30 minutes.

The young madam, the key person of this press conference, hadn't changed nor even applied makeup.

"No, it's okay# I'll just go as is. The point of this press conference is to promote our new products, not me." Huo Mian laughed.

"Young Madam, but#" Bella wanted to object, but Huo Mian smiled playfully. "Don't worry# trust me, I won't embarrass our company."

Then, she turned around and went into the lounge. After applying some light foundation, she surprisingly put on black eyeliner, giving herself a slightly sexy look# she had never tried this style before.

Rather than putting on the gorgeous ball gown the stylist prepared, she wore her black slim-fit suit, which made her look sophisticated.

Her style matched that of Qin Chu's#

Ten minutes before the press conference began, the guests slowly made their way into the ballroom.

Jiang Xiaowei, Wei Liao, and Tang Chuan sat in the first row. Jiang Xiaowei sat beside Huo Mian as they chatted happily#

"Events like this are so boring without Yu# he's going to be sad if he finds out that he wasn't even invited," Tang Chuan said on purpose, and Huo Mian smiled awkwardly.

Then, Bella walked up to her and whispered into her ear, "Young Madam, President Huo of the Huo Corporation is here."

Huo Mian's expression changed upon hearing this#