Chapter 1407: My Husband*s Business Comes First 8

"You can decide."

"Um# Honey, am I intervening too much in your business?" Huo Mian asked with a smile, and Qin Chu replied with a question of his own, "You're so talented, isn't it a waste for you not to intervene?"

Huo Mian chuckled upon hearing this#

"Honey, I have to go now, I'm almost there. Let's talk tonight."

"Okay, be careful."

After hanging up, Huo Mian parked her car and headed upstairs. She asked Bella in front of the president's office, "Bella, is there any food? I'm starving#"

Surprised, Bella looked at her. "It's already two, you haven't eaten yet?"

"Do you have any fast food like bread or something? I just need a quick bite, the meeting's going to start soon."

Before Bella could respond, Ni Yang walked up to her with a bento box in his hand. "Sis, I brought you some food."

"Why are you here?" Huo Mian didn't expect to see him, who replied, "Jie just called me, she said you just left South Side and didn't have lunch yet. I was doing a dress rehearsal here at the company, so I got you something to eat."

"Good boy, you make me proud." Huo Mian lovingly rubbed Ni Yang's head; the young man who used to have depression was now a considerate, sweet guy.

Ni Yang placed the bento box down and poured Huo Mian a glass of warm water.

"Sis, you should eat, I'm going to head back now. I'll be at the company the entire day, so call me if you need me."

"Sounds good."

After Ni Yang left, Bella looked at Huo Mian a little enviously.

"Young Madam, you're so popular. Ni Yang's really hard to approach, most people can't even get close to him."

"He's hard to approach? He's really not# You guys just need to get to know him," Huo Mian replied with a smile on her face as she opened up the bento box 每 Ni Yang sure was generous, he got her takeout from an expensive private kitchen that was famous in the city.

There were two meat dishes, two veggie dishes, and a bowl of red bean soup. Everything looked delicious. Famished, Huo Mian quickly devoured everything before taking out the designs for this afternoon's meeting and closely looking them over.

That afternoon, after a three-hour-long meeting with the design department, they decided on the company's spring line.

The press conference was scheduled for 8 PM that evening, at a hotel under GK. It was held in such a rush that Huo Mian didn't get to invite a lot of people.

Jiang Xiaowei offered her presence; she was pregnant but was still willing to come to support her and Qin Chu. Huo Mian was truly grateful to have a friend like her.

If Xiaowei was coming, Wei Liao, Tang Chuan, and Su Yu# would come as well.

However, Huo Mian didn't invite Su Yu, since it was just a new product launch and she didn't want the others to speculate them.

It was 5 PM when she left the company that afternoon. Huo Mian saw that there was still time, so she drove to the supermarket and bought some supplements before heading to Director Wu's home.

Director Wu lived in one of the high-end residential districts in the city. It was a townhouse and close to where Wu Xiaoxue used to live, so she found it fairly quickly.

She figured Director Wu was probably off work, so she nervously pressed his doorbell#

"Huo Mian?" Director Wu was surprised to see her.

"Director Wu."

"What brings you here?"

"I'm here to bring you some presents, I've been slacking off and was scared that you would fire me." Huo Mian smiled.

"Gosh#" Director Wu, usually a stern old man, burst out laughing upon hearing what she said.

After entering, she met Director Wu's wife, an enthusiastic woman. She was making dumplings and asked Huo Mian to eat with them.

Therefore, Huo Mian enjoyed a nice meal with Director Wu and his wife.

"Huo Mian, you wanted to talk to me about something, that's why you came, right?" Director Wu could tell that a lot of things were going on in Huo Mian's mind. Therefore, he cut straight to the chase.

Upon hearing this, Huo Mian slowly placed her chopsticks down and smiled apologetically. "How did you know?"

"Tell me what's going on, I'll do what I can to help," Director Wu said. He valued talented individuals and therefore treated Huo Mian very well. He was the reason she was promoted, time and again. It was not exaggerating to say that Huo Mian owed her current success to Director Wu.

"Director Wu# I#" Huo Mian choked on her words and hesitated, as if she were afraid to speak.