Chapter 1402: My Husband*s Business Comes First 3

"You're a professional reporter, so you should really choose your words carefully#'Unspeakable relationship' doesn't properly describe my relationship with President Su# we're just friends who don't even hang out that very often# We're also business partners who have been engaged in friendly competition# It's okay if you slander me, but don't defame President Su as well, okay? After all, innocent people shouldn't be collateral damage."

Huo Mian's response immediately silenced the reporter who wanted to stir up trouble#

Three minutes before the press conference ended, a male reporter wearing black suddenly stood up from the corner of the room. He asked, "Mrs. Qin, everyone knows you and President Qin have been married for a while now, but you're still not pregnant# what's the reason behind that?"

"Didn't I tell you not to ask personal questions? Didn't you understand what I said?" Bella was immediately infuriated; his intentions behind asking Huo Mian a mean question like this was so obvious.

"I'm just curious and most importantly, so is the public. Mrs. Qin, are you reproductively challenged?" the male reported asked viciously, his tone as malicious as could be.

"Security, get this man#" Bella was halfway through calling the security over to chase that reporter out when Huo Mian stopped her.

She then picked up the microphone and smiled enchantingly. "Didn't your mother teach you not to pick at other people's scars? It's the basic principle of being human# but it's okay if you don't understand it, not all humans act like humans."

Huo Mian cursed the reporter with a smile on her face, but the latter couldn't do anything about it.

Before he could even respond, Huo Mian continued, "President Qin and I got married last summer and didn't even get to hold a wedding. We've been married for less than a year, so I don't think it's been a long time. There are a lot of couples who don't get pregnant three or four years into their marriage# Thank you for your concern, but President Qin and I are both healthy. We got comprehensive check-ups at South Side, so the only reason I'm not pregnant yet is because the time isn't right# but, we're more than prepared to welcome a new life into our lives at any time. Thank you for paying close attention to my husband and me. If there's good news, I will make sure to let you all know."

Her honest answer won praise amongst the reporters, while the malicious reporter was cast aside by his peers#

"Mrs. Qin, you're so smart and talented, it's such a shame for you to be a doctor. Will you ever consider quitting your current job and working as an executive at GK?"

"I'm sorry, that's all the time we have today, we'll talk about this again in the future. Thank you all."

Then, Huo Mian elegantly stood up, smiled, and waved at the reporters before leaving the hall through the VIP exit.

"You were amazing, Young Madam." Bella poured Huo Mian a cup of hot tea in the lounge. She felt dizzy since she didn't get much sleep last night and had been busying around the entire morning.

"Ahem# ahem#" She coughed nonstop.

"Young Madam, the press conference is over, so you should get some rest this morning. There's nothing urgent at the company#"

"It's okay, Bella, tell everyone in the jewelry design department that there's going to be a meeting in 20 minutes. We have to decide on the spring line and announce it tonight."

"That's not urgent, you need to rest#"

"Just go and do as I say. Oh, and# don't tell President Qin that I'm not feeling well," Huo Mian added; she didn't want Qin Chu to know that she was sick.

It was just a cold, she really wasn't that high-maintenance.

After Bella left, Huo Mian felt exhausted and leaned back on the couch in the lounge, hoping to rest her eyes for a few minutes. However, her phone suddenly began to ring# therefore, she had no choice but to pick it up.

Chen Jie's anxious voice sounded from the other end, "Chief, can you come back? Something bad happened."