Chapter 1400: My Husband*s Business Comes First 1

Huo Mian arrived at the VIP entrance of the hotel, wearing a black, slim-fit suit.

On either side of the entrance was her security detail and beside her was Bella, Huo Mian's new assistant.

Huo Mian didn't like people who made mistakes during important events, so she was very careful when choosing an assistant.

Bella had been working for Huo Mian since she got here, and she liked Bella's mannerisms as well as her work ethics.

She was an incredibly detail-oriented woman#

After Huo Mian sat down, Bella opened a bottle of water and handed it to her. After taking a small sip, she placed it back onto the table.

"We can start," Huo Mian said quietly to Bella, who nodded. Then, the latter picked up a microphone and said, "Friends of the press, feel free to ask questions now# Please remember not to ask overly-personal or aggressive questions, do not bully the Young Madam# the press conference will last for an hour, so go ahead."

As soon as Bella finished speaking, the reporters immediately swarmed up to Huo Mian#

"Mrs. Qin, is the purpose for this press conference to promote the Star of GK or to explain the incident in T City?"

"Both," Huo Mian admitted.

"Mrs. Qin, apparently Jiang Linyue, the key person of this incident, died# and President Qin is involved, right?"

"Before Jiang Linyue died, she wanted to tell President Qin something, but she was killed before she had the chance# President Qin and I offer our condolences to the deceased employee's family# President Qin is also cooperating with the investigation of her death. Hopefully, the murderer will be brought to justice soon. Please do not spread rumors, we should respect the victim as well as the innocent."

"Mrs. Qin# I heard Chairman Qin's been hospitalized, how is he doing?"

"Thank you for asking, my father-in-law's conditions have stabilized."

"Mrs. Qin# aren't you a doctor? Have you resigned? Will you be working at GK from now on?"

"I didn't resign, I applied for a leave of absence at South Side. My husband has been managing a giant corporation by himself, so he can be a bit exhausted sometimes. He's my man, my husband, so his business comes first. Therefore, I'm willing to put my job aside and prioritize his matters for the time being."

As soon as she finished her remarks, the reporters began clapping#

Some reporters discussed amongst themselves, "Mrs. Qin really loves her husband."

"Yeah, they've got a great relationship. I heard that they've been together since they were teenagers, so they love each other very much."

"President Qin is so lucky to have a wife like her#"

"Mrs. Qin# GK has been bombarded with negative news recently, resulting in a crash in its stocks# Does the company have any solutions in place?"

After some thought, Huo Main replied, "We're thinking of ways to subdue the situation. Tonight, we'll be announcing GK Jewelry's spring launch here at the hotel, I believe that our new products will drive sales and boost our reputation# Hopefully, it will also stimulate the recently-sluggish market. GK Film and Television is also working hard to do better. Ni Yang will be releasing a new album in May and this time, he is trying out new, oriental-style music. The champion of the Star of GK auditions will star in his MV, so please support them and wait patiently for the album to come out. At the same time, I would like to reassure GK's shareholders that we won't let any of you down."

"These are great arrangements, Mrs. Qin. Did President Qin make these decisions or did you? Or did the two of you come to an agreement after discussing amongst yourselves?"