Chapter 140: Chaos

Chapter 140: Chaos
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"Director, you think too highly of me. It's really not a shame, I'm happy to have found my place in life. Doctors' lives are tiring, I'm selfish and don't want to be as strung out like them." Huo Mian smiled again.

Huo Mian was relieved that Director Wu didn't think less of her because of what Wu Xiaoxue said.

This meant that he was an extremely fair and wise person.

"Okay, if that's your decision, then I will not force you into anything. Go report to the laboratory, starting today you will no longer work in the OB/GYN department."

"Thank you, Director Wu."

Huo Mian felt much better as she left the director's office.

However, she was a little sad to leave the head nurse and the OB/GYN department.

Before Huo Mian even returned, the director's office sent out two notices.

Firstly, two nurses in the OB/GYN department, Huang Yue and Huo Mian, violated hospital policy and will, therefore, be transferred out of the department.

Secondly, Deputy Department Chief, Wu Xiaoxue did not fulfill her responsibilities and left her post while she was on-call. Due to the negative effects brought upon the hospital, she has been demoted to a regular physician and will receive a 6-month pay deduction as a warning.

When Wu Xiaoxue heard the news, she was extremely embarrassed. She was Director Wu's niece but was punished nonetheless. Furious, she ran up to the top floor of the hospital to cause a scene but was stopped by Director Wu's assistant, who told her that the director did not want to see her.

Wu Xiaoxue was so furious that her face turned purple#

In the end, Ning Zhiyuan had to come upstairs himself to pull her away.

"Xue, stop it, it's bad for the baby."

"No, I won't. I need to ask my uncle why he did this. Why is he taking that b*tch's side? Do you think he slept with her?" Furious, Wu Xiaoxue's mouth no longer had a filter.

Ning Zhiyuan's expression changed when he heard this, "What the hell are you talking about?"

"Huh, you don't want to hear about your old lover, do you? It's true! If there wasn't something between them, why wouldn't my uncle just fire that arrogant b*tch? You heard about the stupid thing she did last night, right? She's just a nurse, and she had the guts to perform a C-section on a pregnant patient and also act as the anesthesiologist? It's ridiculous, isn't it?"

Of course, Ning Zhiyuan heard about what happened last night; the entire hospital heard about it.

He was shocked at Huo Mian's brave decision too, but he truly respected her actions.

He heard that the operation was performed so immaculately that the doctors in the OB/GYN department felt embarrassed about their own skills.

"I heard that the operation was successful, why can't you just let it go?" Ning Zhiyuan frowned.

Ning Zhiyuan's words lit up Wu Xiaoxue's fury like a match. She slapped Ning Zhiyuan on the face, "What bullsh*t are you talking about! Did you forget who your girlfriend is!"

"Xiaoxue, that's not what I meant. I just wanted you to treat this calmly."

"I can't, I need to see my uncle. He can't do this to me. If he won't let me be deputy chief of the department, I will quit. I'm going to tell my dad what my uncle did to me. I'm resigning, I quit! I don't want to be a regular physician, I want to be chief!"

Wu Xiaoxue stood in front of the director's office as she howled#

Director Wu remained unmoved in his office; he was aware of how self-willed his niece was.

However, he now knew Huo Mian better, and finally understood why Qin Chu would fall for a seemingly-ordinary girl like her. The truth was, she shined in so many different ways.

"Director, Miss Wu is creating a scene outside, do you want to see her?" the assistant, uncomfortable with the situation, asked the director.

"Ignore her, let her do her thing. Tell her if she wants to quit, I'll accept her resignation. She's free to leave."


Just as Wu Xiaoxue and Ning Zhiyuan were fighting, the director's assistant walked out and said in all seriousness, "Miss Wu, the director said that if you want to quit, he accepts your resignation. You may go now."

"What? My uncle actually said that?" Wu Xiaoxue exclaimed in disbelief.