Chapter 1384: President Qin, Would You Like Special Service? 5

After the phone call with the mysterious person, Jiang Linyue was still contemplating her options, swaying back and forth.

Perhaps the mysterious person sensed her hesitation, but they quickly sent a text message to Jiang Linyue.

"Right now, you have no other choice. Behind you is a cliff, but if you walk forward, there might be a path."

Truth be told, Jiang Linyue was not an ambitious woman. Unlike Song Yishi, Jiang Linyue simply had a crush on Qin Chu.
She hoped that after all the years she had spent working under GK, one day she would be noticed by the president. Unbeknownst to her until now, her goal had become more and more unattainable.

However, she did think that if Qin Chu was no longer who he was and became a nobody, Huo Mian would definitely leave him. Then, she would have the opportunity to be beside Qin Chu. After all, she would be the only person who loved him regardless of his status and wealth.

At the thought of this, Jiang Linyue tightened her fist, seemingly determined, and pulled out her phone. She then registered an account on the most popular online forum and began typing out the story she wanted to tell, one word at a time.
When she finished typing and hit the 'publish' button, she knew that this time, there really was no turning back. She knew what she did was wrong, and that she was being used by someone else. But, she thought that if she didn't give it a try, she would never be able to go anywhere near Qin Chu. After all, as long as Huo Mian was still there, she would never have the chance to go back to GK's headquarters.

"Huo Mian, this is all your fault. You made me do this." Jiang Linyue narrowed her eyes as she stared at her cell phone screen and simply pushed all the blame onto Huo Mian.

- Late night -

Huo Mian was still having issues falling asleep. She got up and walked towards the mini fridge inside the bedroom and took out a bottle of soda.

The quality of her sleep had been degrading; when Qin Chu was not home, she could barely fall asleep.

She sat on the couch sipping her soda as she surfed the net on her phone.

Suddenly, an explosive news article grabbed her attention. It was published fifteen minutes ago and was quickly shared by every known media in the city. 

The title was 'Exposing GK 每 The Dark Empire that You Do Not Know About'

Jiang Linyue was a good writer. The lengthy seven to eight thousand word article explained the making of GK within the past years.

Many means and methods that were not fit to be revealed had been exposed. But of course, no one really knew if it was real or fabricated.

At the very end of the article, however, a photo tied everything together.

It was a real estate proposal from GK Corporation, signed by the one and only 每 Qin Chu. It showed the piece of land in T City that was purchased by GK to build an automated shopping mall. However, right when the company was about to start construction, the rumor of forced demolition erupted.

The lengthy article never pointed out it was Qin Chu's idea to forcibly demolish the residential property. However, with the black and white text, even an idiot could figure out what it was really implying.

The photo not only showed the official seal, but many trade secrets had also been publicized for everyone to see. No wonder people were losing their sh*t. 

Huo Mian had already taken an educated guess 每 Other than the 'missing' Jiang Linyue, no one else could possibly get their hands on important documents like this.

But# wasn't Jiang Linyue madly in love with Qin Chu? Why is she betraying him and trying to put an end to him? Huo Mian wondered. 

Huo Mian no longer had any desire to keep sipping on her soda. She began calling Qin Chu but was only notified that his phone had shut off.

She tried calling Yang, but his phone was turned off as well. This made Huo Mian uneasier than ever.

"What's going on? I hope nothing had happened to them," Huo Mian mumbled to herself anxiously.

- T City, Marriott Hotels and Resorts -

Qin Chu had already read the article. He saw it three minutes after Jiang Linyue posted it.

Both him and Yang turned off their phones to avoid being bothered by the media.

"Jiang Linyue had gone too far! How could she betray us like this!" Assistant Yang yelled angrily.