Chapter 1383: President Qin, Would You Like Special Service? 4

"I think you overestimated yourself# and underestimated me." Qin Chu's voice was icy.

Unless he was talking to Huo Mian, he would never show even a speck of gentleness. Therefore, all of GK's employees were terrified of their indifferent president.

He was a resolute young leader who never hesitated in his decisions.

Jiang Linyue disappeared a week ago. She wanted to make him anxious and pick the right time to negotiate with him. She really thought he would compromise, or at least think about it.

"President Qin# I think you know I hold the most important evidence of this incident# Let me put it this way. If I say the company is involved with this incident, then it's involved in this incident. If I say it isn't, then it isn't# You should really consider the pros and cons here."

"I don't care how much evidence you have, I will never be with you# Jiang Linyue, you need to know your limitations. My wife has shown mercy towards you# you provoked her to no end, but she still didn't feed you to the sharks. Don't challenge my patience, I'm going to give you one last chance. Bring the documents to my hotel, or else I promise# you're going to suffer from extreme consequences."

"Haha, are you threatening me?" Jiang Linyue laughed.

"Threaten? You're thinking too much, do you really you're worth threatening?" Qin Chu found Jiang Linyue amusing; if Song Yishi was an idiot, then Jiang Linyue was probably close to braindead.

She never considered the consequences of her decisions and didn't even realize that she was digging her own grave.

"President Qin# I'm going to give you one last chance as well, are you really not going to agree?"

"I will never be with any woman aside from Huo Mian, no matter who that woman is# I can't agree to your demands."

"Then I'm going to#"

Before Jiang Linyue finished her sentence, Qin Chu said, "I don't care," and hung up.

He hated being led around by the nose, especially by a brainless woman like Jiang Linyue.

Being played by her was an insult to his IQ.

From their conversation, Qin Chu realized that Jiang Linyue had something in her hands. However, he didn't care how important the documents were 每 he was not about to be threatened#

"Sir, are we really not going to keep negotiating with President Jiang?" Yang began worrying about Qin Chu after he rejected Jiang Linyue's demands.

"There's nothing to negotiate," Qin Chu replied calmly as he removed his tie. Then, he walked into the bathroom, changed, and got ready for bed.

Jiang Linyue was living on the second floor of a building, located in the civilian district on the outskirts of T City. Right now, she lived like a mouse.

Truth be told, she regretted how far she let things go. She didn't want to frame President Qin or do anything that would hurt GK.

Originally, she thought he would compromise because of the documents she had. However, to her surprise, he rejected her without thinking, making her feel more awkward than ever#

She had no idea what to do next.

After some thought, she was worried and therefore picked up her phone and dialed a number.

"Hello?" A man's voice sounded from the other end of the phone.

"I called President Qin but he didn't agree, what should I do?"

"Then expose what you have. The more attention it gains, the better. Make him clean up this mess."

"But# I don't want to do that, I never wanted to do that." Jiang Linyue was a little scared.

"Ha, how na?ve are you, do you still think you have a choice? You started it, so you have to finish it# Did you know that to Qin Chu, you're just a prick in the eye now? Maybe he's looking for you so he can kill you. Do you know how many people have been to your apartment these days? If you were at home, you would've died a long time ago. Qin Chu's a ruthless man, so why don't you give it your best shot?"


"Don't you want to be with him?"

"I do." Jiang Linyue nodded, feeling all over the place.

"Just listen to me, once Qin Chu is defeated and his reputation lays in waste, his wife will leave him# and he'll have nothing left. You can take that opportunity to console him and be by his side, and he'll fall in love with you."

Jiang Linyue's expression was hazy. "Will he really?"