Chapter 1382: President Qin, Would You Like Special Service? 3

"I'm having dinner right now," Qin Chu replied gently. He told a white lie so that she wouldn't worry about him.

He didn't want to tell her how critical the situation in T City was.

"What are you eating?"

"Local specialties," Qin Chu replied calmly.

"Mhm, eat up, I don't want you to be hungry."

"I will# Honey, you're home from Dr. Jiang's?"

"Yeah, Lingling asked me if I wanted to go get a drink, but I haven't been feeling well recently and didn't want to go anywhere, so I came home."

"Mhm, you should go to bed soon#"

"Honey#" Huo Mian called out coyishly.


"Should I just# resign and go help you out at GK? I don't want you to tire yourself out# It's just a big corporation but there's no one you can trust. Having to do everything yourself is really exhausting." Huo Mian felt bad for her husband, so she had been thinking about this all night#

To her, being a doctor wasn't the most important thing in the world; she would much rather share Qin Chu's work pressure# she wanted to face everything with him.

"Isn't being a doctor your dream?" Qin Chu asked with a smile.

"Yes, but nothing seems important compared to you#"

Qin Chu fell silent for a few seconds before asking, "Mrs. Qin, are you confessing your feelings?"

"No, I just want to help you," Huo Mian replied, word for word.

"I'm glad to hear you say that, but I want you to work in a profession you like# I can handle the business world, you know I'm not one to falter so easily."

"I know, but..."

"Honey# I'm still having dinner, and I have to head back. You should go to bed first."

"Okay then# don't stay up too late."

Huo Mian unwillingly hung up the phone; she didn't think Qin Chu would reject her proposal so quickly.

She knew how much Qin Chu loved her, and that was why he didn't want her to work at GK.

Working at the hospital was tiring, but it was a job she enjoyed. Being an iron-lady and a female CEO wasn't what she wanted. Moreover, she didn't see the point in making money nonstop.

After hanging up the phone, Qin Chu turned around and went back into the conference room. "I'm sorry, everyone, let's continue."

"President Qin# we talked about it and think you have to at least pay the victim's family five million yuan to stop them from taking this accident to the media. We're all going to be in trouble once news breaks out."

"Money's not the problem# the problem is that I have a feeling that this matter won't be solved, even if we give them the money," Qin Chu replied faintly.

He and the officials talked about the matter for almost two hours, but the results weren't optimistic. Qin Chu didn't like dealing with government officials, because most of the time they just pushed the responsibility around, blaming each other and only focusing on money.

However, since their company was in this city, interacting with local officials was inevitable.

Yang knew Qin Chu was in a bad mood so, on their way back to the hotel, he barely talked.

- Presidential Suite, Marriot Hotels and Resort in T City -

Qin Chu walked into his room; before he could take off his jacket, his phone rang. He picked it up to see a number he didn't recognize.


"President Qin, this is Jiang Linyue."

"You finally called." Qin Chu let out a sigh of relief.

"You knew?" Jiang Linyue was surprised; she thought Qin Chu would look for her like crazy.

"Tell me, what do you want?" Qin Chu cut to the chase; he knew Jiang Linyue chose to hide away at a time like this, just so she could negotiate with him.

"President Qin# I want to be with you, you don't have to give me status# I just want to be with you#" Jiang Linyue said nervously.

"What if I don't agree?"

"Then I don't care anymore. I have documents that will directly affect our company's reputation. If I reveal it to the rest of the world# you'll regret it," Jiang Linyue sounded sure of herself.