Chapter 1372: Crisis After Crisis 3

"Yeah#" Qin Chu nodded. "The media is going crazy, they're all saying that our new movie's screwed because he got into a fight. It's a reasonable assumption. After all, he hit someone and was detained# the company already dealt with it, but the movie being banned wasn't something that was decided within a day or two. The administration didn't approve the movie because of the 'sensitive scenes' in it#"

"Sensitive scenes? Are you talking about sex?" Huo Mian boldly guessed.

Qin Chu lovingly pressed his index finger against her forehead. "What's going on in that brain of yours? It's not that# apparently, some part of the movie changed the history# but everything happened thousands of years ago, so who knows the truth? Some so-called experts came out and criticized the movie# Forget it, I don't care, it's just one movie."

"What happened to the artist who got into a fight? Was he fired?" Huo Mian was worried.

"No, he wasn't. The truth is# it wasn't his fault, he was provoked# It's obvious that everything was planned# Wang Xuefeng's younger than Ni Yang and he debuted not too long ago# he doesn't understand how deep the waters in the entertainment industry are."

Although Qin Chu was the president of a conglomerate, he always sided with his artists. He knew what was serious and could always tell right from wrong#

"I see# Xiaowei's analysis was right, someone is targeting you."

"I know," Qin Chu replied calmly.

"Honey# do you think Su Yu did this?"

"Of course not. If he planned this, why would he use his own club? If his IQ was that low, we would've never become competitors."

Although Su Yu was Qin Chu's #1 competitor, he still trusted Su Yu's character#

Huo Mian was relieved by what she heard, but the rumors were flying all over the place.

Things became more and more aggravated#

- Inside the Song family mansion -

Huo Siqian and Song Yishi were having dinner with Mayor Song and his wife.

It was quite awkward#

Song Yishi never pretended to be in love with Huo Siqian in front of her parents; even though they sat on the same table, she sat as far away from him as possible.

"Siqian# I heard your company is building a high-end residential district on that land," Mayor Song said slowly.

"Yes, Dad, I'm imitating Dubai's Palm Island. We're going to construct C City's most luxurious residential area on a manmade lake."

"Will anyone buy condos so luxurious?" Mayor Song didn't seem to agree with Huo Siqian's plans.

"Our city is filled with rich people# Don't worry# it'll sell very well. I really have to thank you for that piece of land." Huo Siqian raised his glass.

Just then, Song Yishi rolled her eyes at Huo Siqian as hard as she could. "Daddy# how can you change your mind, just like that? When I went to see Mrs. Qin, she wouldn't even look at me and said that you weren't a man of your words. She said you completely hurt her and Mr. Qin# if you didn't plan on giving the land to Qin Chu in the first place, you shouldn't have promised them anything# that's not how you treat your friends!"

Before Mayor Song could explain, Huo Siqian smiled. "My father-in-law believes in me and supports me# We're a family# what's the problem in that?"

Mayor Song smiled awkwardly. "Yishi, you don't understand the business world. I'm not the only decision-maker here, the others thought it would be better if that piece of land was allotted to the Huo Corporation# After all, GK focuses on too many areas other than real estate, so we made the decision based on realistic circumstances# I wasn't targeting anyone."

"These are all just excuses! Huo Siqian, when can we get divorced? I don't want to stay married to you anymore, each day feels like a year# We shouldn't have gotten married in the first place."

Song Yishi wanted to divorce Huo Siqian as soon as possible, so she boldly asked him again in front of her parents.