Chapter 1371: Crisis After Crisis 2

"Yeah, a bit," after Jiang Xiaowei said this, she sent Huo Mian a video chat request.

Huo Mian didn't want her mother to hear about what happened and worry about GK's scandal, so she walked up to one of the bedrooms upstairs before accepting the call.


"Mian# Did Wang Xuefeng really get into a fight?" Jiang Xiaowei immediately asked.

Aside from Ni Yang, Huo Mian had no idea who the other artists at GK Film and Television were. Therefore, she was confused to hear Wang Xuefeng's name.

"I don't know yet, I haven't asked my husband# I just saw the news on my phone# but from the degree of exposure, the incident seems real# Southern Metropolitan reported it, that newspaper's really authoritative."

"I thought so too, that's why I was in such a hurry to ask you# do you know where Wang Xuefeng got into a fight?" Jiang Xiaowei asked quietly.

Huo Mian shook her head. "I didn't pay attention to that."

"The club he got drunk and hit someone in belongs to Imperial Star. Su Yu owns it."

"Oh? What a coincidence."

"Yeah# that's why netizens have been spreading rumors that his company conspired this..."

Before Jiang Xiaowei could finish, Huo Mian immediately understood what she wanted to say, so she finished her sentence, "They think Su Yu wants to hype up his company's new movie, Drawing of the Country and Beauty?"

"You know about it?" Jiang Xiaowei asked.

"I saw netizens curse at Su Yu. They were talking about his company's new movie, so I bet# a lot of people probably think the same way."

"What about you, what do you think? This incident was sure exposed at a sensitive time# last time, Imperial Star's box office lost to GK's and the fans tried to cause trouble# you ended up pushing the scandal down#"

"Yeah, I remember#"

"What about this time? What do you think? Do you think Su Yu did this?" Jiang Xiaowei probed.

"No# Su Yu would never stoop down to that level. All these conflicts can't be a coincidence# I think someone's trying to create disputes on purpose. This time, their target's Su Yu."

"Yeah, I think it's a conspiracy as well# they just wanted Su Yu to be the scapegoat." Jiang Xiaowei was relieved that Huo Mian immediately understood what was going on.

She wasn't one of those people who believed in whatever the majority of people said.

"I don't know any specifics, so I'll have to talk to Qin Chu first."

"Okay, that's all I wanted to say. I just wanted to tell you to not to believe the netizens# I haven't known Su Yu for a long time, but# after I married Wei Liao, we always hang out together. I have a doctorate in psychology, so I am good at reading people. Su Yu's actually a really pure man# He can be really impulsive and childish at times, but he would never do anything immoral just for profit. Even if his competitor wasn't Qin Chu, he still wouldn't do anything like that because someone with his temperament is just too disdainful towards doing things like this#"

"Mhm, I believe him. Xiaowei# thank you for telling me all this."

"Don't thank me, we're closer than that# A lot of things are happening, I feel like someone is targeting you and Qin Chu. You should be careful, let me know if you need Wei Liao or my help."

"I will." Huo Mian nodded and hung up#

By that time, her mother had finished cooking. Huo Mian went downstairs and didn't even mention the scandal.

Upon seeing all the food Yang Meirong made, Huo Mian immediately dug in.

After dinner, she fell asleep and didn't wake up until Qin Chu came to pick her up.

Yang Meirong really liked Qin Chu; therefore, she cooked a couple more dishes when he got here and the couple didn't leave after they ate.

On their way home, Huo Mian lazily put her arms around Qin Chu's. "Honey# did GK's male artist really get into a fight?"