Chapter 137: Getting Fired

Chapter 137: Getting Fired
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"Yup, it was expensive. Really expensive," Qin Chu enunciated on purpose.

"I knew it was expensive just from the packaging. But it was delicious, you know what they say, 'some things are expensive, but it's worth the money'. Just like Hagen Daaz ice cream, there's a reason why it's pricey."

"Working overtime is tiring, you need to eat good food."

"In that case, I should just finish off the rest." Then, Huo Mian jumped up and began wolfing down the leftover xiaolongbao and shrimp dumplings.

Qin Chu didn't know whether to laugh or cry#

After spending some time with Huo Mian at the hospital, Qin Chu left unwillingly.

When Huo Mian returned to the office, she was bombarded by Huang Yue's interrogation.

"Huo Mian, tell me, who is he?"

"Just a friend."

"I don't believe you! Come on! Tell me, is he your new boyfriend?"

"Fine, he is." Huo Mian didn't think that she could trick her any longer, so she admitted to it.

Huang Yue laughed as she clapped her hands together, "Ha! I knew he's your boyfriend. He's gorgeous! How did you guys meet?"

"Um# I've known him for years," Huo Mian answered after some thought.

"So you guys grew up together?"

"Something like that."

"Oh my god, that's so romantic! Oh right, he looks really rich, what does he do? The packaging of the food he brought you is from Li Fu Ji Dim Sum, that place is super expensive! It's more than 500 yuan per person! The food he bought you is probably worth thousands, I bet he's not an ordinary white-collar employee."

Huang Yue was a cutsie-tootsie ditzy girl, but she was super up-to-date with stuff like this. She paid a lot of attention to food and clothes.

Therefore, she knew her brands. Huo Mian wouldn't be able to fool her even if she wanted to.

"Um# he is kind of rich. His family owns a small business, that's all."

"I bet he's a local tyrant."

"Yeah, he is one of those poor people who suddenly came across some money," Huo Mian fumbled to answer; she didn't want to expose too much of who Qin Chu was.

His identity was too flashy#

If this girl found out that Qin Chu was the president of GK, tomorrow the entire hospital would find out as well.

"Nice, Mian, no wonder you weren't interested in the forensics guy the head nurse tried to introduce you to. You have a man already! Plus, he's gorgeous and filthy rich, he's an everything man! Oh, and your boyfriend looks super sophisticated, he doesn't look like someone who was poor 每 he looks like royalty."

"Promise me you won't tell anyone about him, I don't want to make it public."

"Fine, I got it. But if Ning Zhiyuan found out, he would be super angry. Haha, you found a much better guy after leaving him."

"It doesn't have anything to do with him anymore, I don't think he has the time to pay attention to my personal matters anyway."

"You're right, I heard that Ning Zhiyuan and Wu Xiaoxue are getting married soon. I bet they're busy with wedding details, Wu Xiaoxue will have plenty of time to gloat then."

Huo Mian smiled at her remarks and did not say anything more.

It was eight something in the morning when Huo Mian got home from work.

Qin Chu had already left for work, so their condo was empty.

Huo Mian had a glass of milk and a slice of bread. After a quick shower, she got onto her bed, ready to get some sleep.

Just then, she received a phone call from the head nurse.

The head nurse said in an extremely serious tone, "Huo Mian, come to the hospital immediately."

Huo Mian, with no other choice, got up from the bed and took a cab to the hospital. She knew that the head nurse wanted to ask her about the unauthorized operation last night.

However, when she got to the OB/GYN clinic, she saw her colleagues standing outside the door.

One of the nurses, Linlin, quietly told her, "Get in there, the head nurse and Dr. Wu are fighting. Dr. Wu wants to fire you."

Huo Mian's expression froze upon hearing what she said#