Chapter 1369: Despicable Person 10

Huo Mian told Qin Chu what happened with Ning Zhiyuan, from beginning to end.

"You weren't Mary Sue, Wu Xiaoxue asked you for a favor#" Qin Chu replied. Then, he laughed.

"What are you laughing about?"

"Honey# I think your comforting skills are improving. Soon, you'll be able to go into marketing and brainwash people# After what you said, Ning Zhiyuan would be an idiot to give up his last chance to go to the States#"

"Haha, Mr. Qin, what a comeback, you don't even need to swear to curse at people. Anyways, let's not talk about him anymore, I did what Xiaoxue asked me to and fulfilled her wish# I'm heading over to Sky Blessing Court to have dinner with my mom, are you coming later?"

"I'm not sure yet, there's still a lot to do at the company. Have fun with Mom."

"Okay, come pick me up after you're done."


After hanging up, Huo Mian arrived at Sky Blessing Court#

After Zhixin went back to New Zealand, her mother was all by herself again. Huo Mian felt like she was lonely; although she lived in a big house, had a lot of money, and didn't need anything, her mother didn't seem completely happy.

They never had the chance to talk about anything personal, but today, Huo Mian wanted to take the opportunity to talk to Yang Meirong.

"Mian# you bought so much, I can't finish all that#" Her mother first scolded her and then heartbrokenly took the giant plastic bags from her daughter's hands.

Then, she washed a bunch of fruits for Huo Mian and the two of them sat down on the couch, chitchatting. 

"Mian, are you still taking Chinese medicine?'

"I am, Mom# I know how to take care of my body, and I'm constantly getting my body ready so we can welcome a new life into our lives#"

Huo Mian smiled optimistically#

"Look at you, how easy going are you to still be laughing?" Feeling bad, Yang Meirong looked at her daughter.

"It's okay, Mom, what's bound to happen will one day happen#" Huo Mian was fine with waiting, so she didn't want her mother to worry about her so much.

"Has Chu been busy lately?"

"Yeah, there's a bunch of stuff going on at his company," Huo Mian took a sip of her juice and replied.

"You should go help him when you have time. After all, you're family. Your in-laws are too old to take care of the company, and Qin Chu won't be able to manage that giant corporation by himself. He doesn't even have siblings#"

"I know, Mom# once Zhixin comes back from New Zealand, he'll be able to help Qin Chu# They're really close, Qin Chu spoils his brother-in-law to no end." Huo Mian smiled.

Qin Chu was someone who didn't care about anyone but Huo Mian# However, he spoiled Zhixin because Huo Mian loved her brother. 

Qin Chu even took care of Zhixin's tuition and living expenses in New Zealand.

He gave Zhixin one million yuan every month, but Zhixin was a good kid who never spent more money than he needed to. He saved up all the money so he could return it to GK when he came back.

Her mother smiled upon mentioning Zhixin. "He's grown up quite a lot# it would be great if he could help Chu out at the company in the future. That way, Chu's life will be easier."

"Mom# are you doing alright these days?" When the time was right, Huo Mian asked.

"I am, I don't have to worry about you or Zhixin anymore and get to live in this giant house. My life is so much better than it used to be when we lived in that little courtyard# I have enough money and all the food I can eat# Auntie Wu and the others are all jealous of me!" Yang Meirong smiled from the bottom of her heart.

But Huo Mian still felt heartbroken for her mother# After all, she was only in her fifties.

"Mom# I think although you're materially fulfilled, you're still mentally lonely."

"Mentally?" Yang Meirong froze.