Chapter 1367: Despicable Person 8

Huo Mian smiled and looked at Huo Siqian. "You're exaggerating, Mr. Huo. Su Yu isn't capable of being despicable like you, and he would never conspire against others# People are different, don't you think? Mr. Huo, you have the ability to steal all of GK's artists in the blink of an eye# but, that also means you wield authority. I hope your company can succeed in the future. Have a great dinner with this beautiful woman# oh, right, you are married already. Won't Ms. Song Yishi mind that you're dining with another woman?"

Then, Huo Mian left before Huo Siqian had the chance to respond.

All that was left was the 300 yuan she left on his table#

Huo Siqian didn't get mad; he was so used to Huo Mian when she was mad that he thought she was cute.

"She's still the same, getting all defensive when she's mad#" Huo Siqian smiled as he shook his head, his expression filled with loving adoration.

"Mr. Huo# who# is she?" Wang Shasha had been with Huo Siqian for a while, but this was the first time she had seen a woman talk to him like that# What surprised her the most was that he didn't get mad.

"Don't ask questions that are none of your business," Huo Siqian replied icily before carefully placing the 300 yuan Huo Mian left in his wallet.

Wang Shasha didn't dare ask anything else, but she had a feeling that this woman was special to Huo Siqian.

Su Yu hadn't seen Huo Mian in a while and missed her very much.

He could only see her on television and occasionally on newspapers.

He even browsed Weibo 700 times a day, but she never updated her page#

At lunch, he went to a seafood restaurant with Tang Chuan and Wei Liao.

Su Yu was so down in the dumps that he was in no mood to eat the lobster in front of him#

"What's wrong, Young Master Su? Did you have a wet dream last night?" After Tang Chuan asked this question, Wei Liao almost spat out the seafood soup in his mouth.

"That's too much information, my friend, it's not appropriate for children. I'm not going to let you visit my son in the future#" Wei Liao warned him.

"I'm serious, what's up with Young Master Su recently? There's always a few days in a month when he seems irritated, it's like he's PMS-ing."

Su Yu was just about to eat his lobster with his fork, but upon hearing what Tang Chuan said, he pointed his fork at him#

"Haha# I was kidding, a true gentleman uses words, not his fists#" Tang Chuan immediately grinned cheekily and corrected himself.

"I bet he misses Huo Mian." Wei Liao's head was down as he pointed out Su Yu's problem.

"That's simple, just go find her at South Side," Tang Chuan suggested.

"Doesn't he have to have an excuse to go looking for her?' Tang Chuan interjected.

Su Yu looked up at Tang Chuan. "Does your family have a history of psychosis?"

"No, why?"

"I can ask Dr. Huo to give you an examination#"

"F*ck# that's such a bad idea." Tang Chuan felt like fainting; sure, Huo Mian was a neurology physician, but how could he ask his friend to go get examined?

Su Yu was sure full of ideas#

Tang Chuan almost choked himself laughing at their conversation.

"Oh, right, Young Master Su, Huo Entertainment is putting its finger in your pie. Aren't you going to do anything about it?"

"I'm not despicable like that# If Huo Siqian can do it, then let him. There's always more money to make, whoever has what it takes will win# I'm not scared of competitors. On the contrary, I will get bored if there's no one to play with," Su Yu said as he took a sip of his draft beer.

After lunch with Wei Liao and Tang Chuan, they each went back to their companies.

That afternoon, Su Yu got off work early. He couldn't control himself and ended up going to South Side.

However, he didn't drive his own car. Instead, he took the black Mercedes business car his company owned and parked it in South Side's parking lot.

Huo Mian got off work at 5:30 PM sharp. It was cold when she came out, so she tied her scarf around her neck before getting in her Audi R8 and driving off.

She had no idea that someone drove all the way to the edge of the city just to look at her from far away.

She disappeared from his sight in less than a minute, but Su Yu was filled with happy content.

He didn't leave until ten minutes after Huo Mian left.

After Huo Mian left work, she didn't head straight back to South Side. Instead, she went to the grocery store to buy her mother some fruits and vegetables.

However, she saw someone she hadn't seen in a long time outside the supermarket.

Huo Mian froze; then, she parked and went up to that person#