Chapter 1366: Despicable Person 7

Yang handed Qin Chu some documents# the latter's expression didn't change upon reading them.

"When did the news come out?" he asked.

"This morning."

"Where's the person in charge?"

"We can't# get into contact General Manager Jiang Linyue."

"What do you mean by that?" Qin Chu looked up and frowned.

"We tried calling her cell but no one's picking up. No one's picking up the phone in her office either. People at the company said she hasn't been to work for three days#"

"If someone's missing, why didn't anyone call the police?"

Yang looked down. "Sir, what should we do now?"

"Keep trying to get in touch with Jiang Linyue, I need to know what happened exactly."

Ever since Qin Chu transferred Jiang Linyue to T City, he stopped assigning important projects over to that branch because he was afraid something would go wrong. Still, something happened.

Yang was nervous#

But Qin Chu wasn't; he was the president of a business empire, so he would never freak out over small things like this.

This was just a scandal about his branch company forcibly demolishing a building; however, Jiang Linyue's disappearance was indeed a little odd#

Did something bad really happen to her? Qin Chu had a feeling that things weren't as easy as they seemed.

That evening towards the end of the day, Qin Chu called Huo Mian, telling her that he was going to work overtime and that she should have dinner or go home first.

Qin Chu didn't want Huo Mian, who was hard at work all day, to come and wait for him at the company.

Huo Mian understood his intentions, so she nodded in agreement. Then, when she drove by a Sichuan restaurant, she parked her car and went in.

She had been having dinner with Mr. Qin so much that she wasn't used to eating alone anymore.

Huo Mian ordered four dishes and a soup. Then, she quietly ate her rice.

At that time, Huo Siqian's Rolls-Royce Phantom drove past the restaurant; upon seeing that familiar Audi R8, he immediately stopped his car.

"Do you want Sichuan food?" Huo Siqian tilted his head and asked Wang Shasha, who was sitting in the back seat.

"Didn't you say you wanted Cantonese just now?" Wang Shasha asked nervously.

"I changed my mind."

"Oh, sure, whatever you want." Wang Shasha was a bit scared of Huo Siqian; therefore, she never had the courage to voice her own point of view, no matter where they went.

She didn't understand why Huo Siqian would suddenly choose this small Sichuan restaurant, but she still got off the car with him. When they walked in, instead of greeting Huo Mian, Huo Siqian sat down with Wang Shasha next to a window seat.

15 minutes later, Huo Mian finished and called the waitress, "Check please."

"Your bill has been paid already#"

"Hm? Who did?" Huo Mian froze.

"The mister beside the window#" The waitress pointed at Huo Siqian, who was wearing a coffee-colored jacket.

Huo Siqian was looking her way; upon seeing that Huo Mian was looking his way, he smiled and waved at her.

Huo Mian's expression darkened. She asked the waitress, "How much was it?"

"288 yuan."

"Okay, I got it."

Then, Huo Mian got up, took 300 yuan out from her wallet and walked towards Huo Siqian.

"Mr. Huo, thanks for paying my bill, but I don't like owing other people," Huo Mian said as she placed 300 yuan on Huo Siqian's table.

He smiled and looked up at her. "Are you mad at me because I established Huo Entertainment and stole people from GK?"

"You're thinking too much, Mr. Huo."

"Ha# you're so stubborn, why can't you just admit that you're mad? I'm curious though# Su Yu is GK's competitor as well, why aren't you hating on him for competing against GK? The way you treat me really hurts my heart#" Huo Siqian smiled.