Chapter 1364: Despicable Person 5

"Is it pretty?"

"Yeah, it is."

"Who's prettier, me or the snowman?"

"You are#"

"Does that mean my snowman's ugly?" Huo Mian pouted.

"The snowman's prettier," Qin Chu immediately changed his position.

"So, you're saying that I'm not as pretty as the snowman?" Huo Mian's face darkened.

"You're both pretty," Qin Chu quick-wittedly changed his stance again.

"So you're saying I'm no better than a snowman?"

"Ma'am# I have nothing else to say#" Qin Chu admitted defeat, while Huo Mian laughed her heart out.

It was fun to fight with Mr. Qin; upon seeing his helpless expression, Huo Mian felt a sense of accomplishment.

When the food was ready, Qin Chu didn't want Huo Mian to feel cold, so he suggested that they eat inside the RV.

However, Huo Mian insisted on eating outside, since it was more romantic that way.

A beautiful evening, starry skies, a snowman, the night view, delicious barbeque# and her loving husband.

Qin Chu didn't want Huo Mian to freeze, so he prepared some wood and set up a bonfire, immediately warming them up.

Then, they sat by the bonfire, munching on the kebabs and drinking soda from their childhood.

Huo Mian leaned against Qin Chu's shoulder, filled with happy content. "Honey, I'm so happy right now."

"So am I."

"I want us to live like this forever# I really do." Huo Mian tightly grabbed the corner of Qin Chu's sleeve; she lacked a sense of security and was scared to lose what she had when she was most happy.

"We will# if you want to, we'll live like this forever." Qin Chu tightly held onto Huo Mian's waist.

"Honey# let's play a game."

"What game?"

"Let's ask each other questions. Whoever gets the question wrong will be flicked on the forehead."

"Sure," Qin Chu immediately answered upon seeing Huo Mian's excitement.

Huo Mian immediately tilted her head to face Qin Chu. After taking a bite out of a chicken wing, she asked, "Where did we first meet?"

"On the sports field, during the military training in Grade 10." Qin Chu remembered Huo Mian being late that day; when she ran in with her backpack, the training officer got really angry and demanded that she run a lap around the field as punishment. However, she said she couldn't because her period was here, leaving the male officer feeling as awkward as could be. Now that he thought about it, Huo Mian wasn't just a genius; she was also a complete pain in the ass.

"Um# correct, your turn," Huo Mian asked with anticipation.

"The first class we had together#" Before Qin Chu could finish his sentence, Huo Mian answered, "Chinese class, the first class of Grade 10 was Chinese class."

"I was going to ask you how many students the Chinese teacher called on during our first Chinese class."

"F*ck# that's such a hard question!" Huo Mian was shocked Qin Chu would ask a question like that. It's been so long! Plus, no one knew each other well back then, so how on earth would she remember how many students the teacher called on?

"Just admit defeat#" Qin Chu extended a hand and was about to flick her when Huo Mian covered her forehead#

"What, are you being a sore loser?" Qin Chu laughed evilly.

"No, but for the sake of fairness, you need to tell me the answer first. You shouldn't be asking a question that you don't even know the answer to."

"Sure, I'm going to win fair and square# During our first class, the Chinese teacher called on three students. Du Chunyu, who was sitting in the first row, Zhang Baiyan, who was sitting on the far left of the third row and Zhu Lingling, sitting on the far left of the second-to-last row."

"Oh# right, I remember, Lingling was complaining to me how the Chinese teacher didn't like her and called on her on purpose# My gosh, your memory is amazing# fine, I admit defeat." Huo Mian looked down as she moved up to Qin Chu. She closed her eyes and awaited his punishment.

She really thought Mr. Qin was going to go easy on her, but to her surprise#

"OW!" Huo Mian covered her head and glared at Qin Chu. "Hmph, how much strength did you use?"