Chapter 1363: Despicable Person 4

Instead of Qin Chu's Maybach, they drove the Sprinter, a Mercedes RV. The couple rarely drove it, and the one at the company was used to pick clients up.

They bought this one more than three months ago, but they had never driven it. It had been rusting in the garage# until today, when they finally took it out for a spin.

South Hill Manor was only halfway up South Hill, so it was still a way away from the top of the mountain.

After Qin Chu and Huo Mian moved here, the latter often walked by the creek at the foot of the mountain but never climbed up. Therefore, she had no idea what was up there.

Qin Chu bought this piece of land because of its beautiful scenery; back then, various real estate developers were fighting over it.

Apparently, some Chinese Fengshui master said this area was extremely spiritual, and whoever lived here would earn lots of money and enjoy a healthy life.

He once mentioned this to Huo Mian, who asked jokingly, "Did the Fengshui master say if this place is good for cultivation? I wonder if I can become an immortal."

Qin Chu was immediately speechless; his wife was one weird woman.

After ten minutes or so, they arrived at the top of the mountain.

Then, he parked and began unloading things#

"Honey# are we camping here?"


"Then what's all this?"

"Barbeque stuff."

"Oh my god, we're barbequing in this weather?" Huo Mian was dumbstruck; although they often barbequed with Gao Ran and Zhu Lingling, that was during the summer and autumn! Who would barbeque during the coldest month of winter?

However, Mr. Qin was a stubborn man# He didn't even ask the maids to come to help him out, but he got everything ready in half an hour.

Qin Chu shoveled the white snow away from the area they were using before setting up an iron stove.

Then, he lit up the fire and began barbequing#

He brought all sorts of food 每 beef, lamb, chicken wings, chicken thighs, ham, and bread# he even brought corn, Huo Mian's favorite#

What surprised her the most was that he even brought a local soda that Huo Mian used to drink when she was young. This soda now costs three yuan a can, but it was delicious#

"Honey# you make such a good housewife." Huo Mian hugged Qin Chu from behind and began acting all coyishly.

Qin Chu placed a hand over Huo Mian's and wooed her, "Honey, it's cold outside, get in the RV. I'll call you once the food's ready#"

"No, I want to be with you#" Huo Mian was determined to stay with her husband. Now she understood why Qin Chu reminded her again and again to wear her warmest down jacket 每 they were barbequing in the mountains.

Winter in northern China was brutal and often dipped down to -20 Celsius.

Girls from Southern China couldn't stand weather like this, but the good thing was Huo Mian had gotten used to it.

Their jackets looked great on them; the styles were identical, but hers was red and his was black#

Huo Mian even playfully tied her scarf around Qin Chu, making him look more handsome than ever#

"Honey, be a good girl# go play somewhere else."

Qin Chu had to barbeque and take care of Huo Mian at the same time; he barely had any time to rest.

In the end, Huo Mian was so bored that she began building a snowman.

By the time the food was ready, so was her snowman.

Qin Chu brought a bunch of vegetables they could grill, so she picked out two green peppers and used them as eyes for her snowman. She used a red pepper as a nose and even gave the snowman her red toque.

"Honey# look!" Like a little kid, Huo Mian showed off her masterpiece to Qin Chu, who turned around and laughed#