Chapter 1361: Despicable Person 2

He knew Tang Chuan was talking about Huo Mian publicly defending Qin Chu; once again, they were flaunting their love.

Tang Chuan thought Su Yu would be completely dejected, but to his surprise, the latter casually set down his glass of juice and chewed on the straw. Then, he replied nonchalantly, "I'm used to it."

Tang Chuan almost choked on the pool water; he was shocked by Young Master Su's strong heart. He was used to the Qin couple flaunting their love!

"Mhm, Young Master Su, good for you. You have potential." Tang Chuan gave Su Yu and thumbs up before diving back into the pool.

Su Yu thought back to the Huo Mian he saw just now#

She looked like a penguin in her white down jacket and ponytail.

Her smearing the egg on that fan's face completely shocked the reporters.

Surprisingly enough, no one doubted or defamed her because of this; rather, they praised her courage and enjoyed her retaliation.

On their way back home, Qin Chu was in such a good mood that he began humming a song#

"Hey, Mr. Qin, your back is basically against the wall, you were just cornered! How could you be singing right now?"

"Didn't my wife stand out and help me just now?" Qin Chu replied proudly.

"I'm glad I got there on time, or else the egg would've landed on you#"

"It's not a big deal, it's just an egg, not a bomb." Qin Chu went back to being arrogant.

Huo Mian: "So# you're saying that I should've minded my own business?"

"No, you did good, you should do it again in the future#" Qin Chu smiled, confusing Huo Mian. "Do what again?"

"Protect me again#"

"Come on, you're a man, you're the president of GK! How can you ask others to protect you?"

"But you're not 'others', you're my wife#"

"Fine, you make so much sense that I have nothing to say." Huo Mian felt like Qin Chu had changed; he had become more broad-minded.

He was almost attacked by fans, but he still was in the mood to hum a song while driving!

Qin Chu was in a good mood because of what Huo Mian said#

She said, "Qin Chu is my husband. No one can bully him, aside from me," in front of all those people.

She was so cool!

He had imagined Huo Mian announcing his existence to the world countless times, but he didn't think events would end up unfolding this way.

It felt so sweet#

He was in a good mood the entire day after that; Yang even said, ''President Qin was walking on sunshine'.

- The Huo Corporation Headquarters -

It was 7 PM, but none of the employees had gone home.

This was because Huo Siqian was in a foul mood today, so he told everyone to work overtime, leaving his employees all jittery and panicking.

He saw the video as well and felt extremely distressed afterward.

How great would it be if Huo Mian stood up for him like that?

Being able to be protected by Huo Mian, even just once, would give him a feeling of insane happiness.

Recently, Huo Siqian had been thinking a lot about the past.

When they were young, he could see Huo Mian anytime. He could bump into her whenever he went to Second High.

After she grew up, however, she kept a safe distance from them#

If he had known things would be this way, he would've dealt with the old man a long time ago.

Then, he would make his move before Qin Chu even came back to the country.

Truth be told# back then, he made plans when Huo Mian was talking about marriage with that ex-boyfriend of hers.

He was going to cause an accident before their wedding and pick the right time to approach her. He would help her walk out of sadness and get her to rely on him. Then, slowly, he would get her to fall in love with him.

To his surprise, however, Qin Chu came back so suddenly, and they moved in and got married in the blink of an eye.

When Huo Siqian found out that Huo Mian and Qin Chu were married, he went crazy and smashed everything in his condo#

Then, he#