Chapter 1360: Despicable Person 1

As expected, Huo Mian raised her right hand and smeared the broken egg right onto that female fan's face, shocking everyone in front of them#

Then, Huo Mian took out a wet toilette from her pocket and wiped the egg off her right hand.

She looked at the female fan and said, "Qin Chu# is my husband. No one can bully him aside from me."

Before the others could react, she walked back to Qin Chu's side and intimately linked arms with him. Then, she glanced at all the reporters in front of her.

She slowly opened her mouth, "I know everyone wants to ask my husband about the Jinling City scandal and rumors of GK stealing box office sales# I'd like to clear something up for him here, I think you've all underestimated GK. GK is a company that is involved in many industries, and the company makes tens of billions from real estate and jewelry every year. GK Film and Television is a new investment that isn't even mature yet, so the company does not rely on it to make much money and will never do something as low as stealing box office sales from other movies."

"Then why is the box office for Jinling City 800 million yuan higher than If You Never Loved Me? Isn't that a little outrageous?" A reporter purposely tried to embarrass Huo Mian.

Huo Mian, however, responded with a smile on her face, "I think you've all forgotten about something# the leads of Jinling City are Ni Yang and Mo Xue'er, and they're both top-tier celebrities in Huaxia. You cannot overlook their domestic appeal and influence. Forget Jinling City, no matter which movie they star in, as long as the quality of the movie itself is good, it'll no doubt be super popular. It's the same as buying apples and oranges. You can't say one is better than the other, because people have different tastes# My husband and I watched If You Never Loved Me, and it's a good movie. GK and Imperial Star have always engaged in friendly competition# so I hope all these so-called fans can calm down and stop stirring up trouble for no reason, or else the celebrities will end up suffering. This is a final warning - don't bully my husband, or else# I won't forgive you."

Then, Huo Mian held Qin Chu's hand as they got onto his Maybach.

It wasn't until they drove away did the reporters came back to their senses and begin taking photos.

Many people saw their live broadcast just now; countless people became Huo Mian's fans after her domineering speech.

Not a lot of women publicly stood out to defend their husbands# Most women coaxed, acted coyishly, or complained.

Huo Mian, on the other hand, domineeringly threatened the fan 每 she was a full-on iron lady.

The viewers actually enjoyed her rant#

The Qins watched TV at home and let out a sigh of relief for their son upon seeing their live broadcast.

"Mian# sure is bold. Chu picked the right woman to marry," Qin Chu's father exclaimed.

Mrs. Qin was filled with regret. "Back then, I was too petty and prejudiced against her. If they went abroad together after high school, our grandchildren would be in kindergarten by now# I'm glad Mian let go of the past#"

"She did everything for Chu. She loves him, so she loves his family as well. We're older than them, so we shouldn't make their lives hard."

Mrs. Qin nodded. "You're right# I'll never do that again. Mian's a good girl, and I was blind to believe Song Yishi back then. She deepened my misunderstandings against Mian# Oh, right, did you ask Mayor Song what happened with that piece of land?"

"I did# his answer was really official, he said it was the provincial government's decision and that it had nothing to do with him."

"Bullshit# of course it has something to do with him. Last time when he was drinking with us, he promised to give us that piece of land, but he changed his mind# The mayor shouldn't do business like this," Mrs. Qin said angrily.

"Forget it# it's normal for him to give the land to the Huo Corporation since Huo Siqian is his son-in-law now# They're family, so they should look out for each other."

- Inside Su Yu's private mansion -

He swam a couple of laps in the pool before climbing out. The maid handed him a towel, and after throwing it on, Su Yu sat down on the bench.

Tang Chuan's head emerged from the pool; he had a smile on his face. "Did you see the video from today?"

"I did." Su Yu sipped on his juice nonchalantly.

"Did your heartache?" Tang Chuan teased Su Yu, and the latter fell silent#