Chapter 1359: Nobody’s Allowed to Bully Him 10

"I looked at that fan's Weibo account, she's a verified user and the chairman of my global fan club, so the others probably think she's credible. But I don't think that she was the one who uploaded that photo onto Weibo, because she always contacts me before doing stuff like that. It's weird though, after what happened, I private-messaged her a couple of times, but she didn't reply to me. I think something happened, maybe someone used her account to upload that stuff to defame GK."

"Oh? What about the fans who went to stir up trouble at GK? Aren't they your fans?"

"Yes# they are, but they're just cannon fodder# I think someone provoked them# That's why I think this entire incident is just a conspiracy# From the beginning, they declared to seek justice for me, but their true intent is to defame GK, and I feel like the scapegoat#"

Jian Tong said all this with extreme sincerity in both her tone and expression.

Su Yu had known her for a while and didn't think she would lie.

After five seconds of silence#

"President Su# should I release a statement on Weibo, explaining that I have nothing to do with what my fans are doing?"

"That's not necessary# people might think you're the mastermind behind this incident, and you'll hurt the feelings of your real fans."

"What should I do then?" Jian Tong asked as she looked at Su Yu.

"Let's observe the situation for a little longer#" Su Yu felt like if someone was behind all this, they were bound to give themselves away, sooner or later.

Therefore, he wanted to quietly wait and see# what else were these people capable of?

That afternoon, at 5:50 PM, Qin Chu had just walked out of GK Headquarters when he was cornered by a group of reporters#

"President Qin, do you have anything to say about the rumors that GK stole the box office sales?"

"President Qin# is the 2 billion yuan box office Jinling City generated really fake?"

"President Qin, do you think the screenshot on Weibo is real?"

"President Qin# the box office for this movie is so high, but Mo Xue'er left. Is she still going to receive profit for the movie? After all, she's the main female lead."

"President Qin, can you talk about the concept Jinling City originated from? Why did you decide to produce a movie based on the Second Sino-Japanese War? The box office even defeated the idol movie."

"President Qin, rumor has it your relationship with President Su of Imperial Star isn't good, is it because you're competitors?"

"President Qin# can we arrange an exclusive interview with you? We'd like to feature Jinling City on our magazine."

"I'm sorry, please let me through. I'm going home for the evening and don't want to talk about work until tomorrow," Qin Chu looked down at his watch and replied icily.

Qin Chu had been at work all day, so he really wasn't in the mood to respond to these people.

Therefore, he walked up to his Maybach# but suddenly, a crazy female fan charged up to him with an egg in her hand.

"You're such a cunning businessman, I'm going to kill you for stealing box office#" the female fan screamed as she threw her egg at Qin Chu, who instinctively raised his hand to cover his face.

With a 'crack, however, he froze. The egg didn't hit him#

He put his hand down to see a woman wearing a white down jacket standing in front of him; the egg smashed right into her palm.

Huo Mian held the broken egg in her hand, the shell and yolk dripping from her palm.

"Woah, look at that, Ms. Qin is here."

The media became even more excited as they rushed up to them, completely blocking her and Qin Chu's way.

Huo Mian raised the hand that was hit by the broken egg and slowly walked towards the fan.

Then, she smiled, sending goosebumps right up the female fan's spine# The latter had a feeling that something bad was about to happen.