Chapter 1358: Nobody’s Allowed to Bully Him 9

Huo Mian replied to a fan who was demanding an answer from her, "My husband would never do anything like that, I'm sure there's some kind of misunderstanding. Please calm down and stop cursing at each other, rumors end with wise people."

In Huo Mian's opinion, it was incredibly belligerent of the fans to curse at each other when representatives of the company didn't even stand out to provide an explanation.

She didn't have to ask Qin Chu to know that he would never do anything like that; she trusted her husband, 100%.

But the fan who uploaded the screenshot was so sure that GK stole box office rates; was it or wasn't it a coincidence?

Was it the movie theaters' mistake?

Huo Mian thought about it, but she decided not to call Qin Chu.

She was his wife, and not his company's employee. If she overly meddled in company business, others might talk about her and accuse her to over interference. That way, it'll make Mr. Qin's life harder than it already was.

After some thought, Huo Mian sent Ni Yang a WeChat message, "What's going on?"

"Sis# I don't even want to talk about it# My Weibo sank into chaos too# I have nothing to say to these fans, I'm just the male lead, why are they cursing at me? A box office of 2 billion yuan means the movie is good, why would they accuse GK of stealing Imperial Star's box office? Talk about deep waters."

"Okay, I got it. Don't think too much and get some rest. At a sensitive time like this, make sure you don't accept any interviews," Huo Mian reminded him.

"I got it, Sis. Talk to you later."

- GK, Office of the President -

"President Qin# do you think we should release a statement explaining the situation?" Assistant Yang asked worriedly.

"No, the more we explain it, the guiltier we will seem. Just let them talk, we're not going to respond."

Qin Chu felt like this was just a prank since the movie theatre didn't have the guts to offend Su Yu and help GK steal their box office.

Jian Tong's fans probably didn't like the fact that her movie's box office wasn't as high as GK's movie, so they purposely staged a cursing war.

Qin Chu didn't want to deal with this matter because he thought the incident would pass in a few days.

To his surprise, the matter became more serious than ever.

Jian Tong's fans began surrounding GK's entrance with all sorts of banners, causing trouble.

Some even sprayed Ni Yang's car and threw eggs at it#

The 'Star of GK' auditions was even forced to pause because of this incident.

GK's security tried to quiet the riots down, but there were too many fans and things kept getting out of hand, leaving them helpless.

- Imperial Star Headquarters -

"President Su, what should we do now?" An calmly asked Su Yu, who responded with a grim expression on his face. "Get Jian Tong here."

During the movie premiere, he said that he didn't care who his competitor was. The box office was a rating that the audience gave and if he lost, he wouldn't be petty.

He even sneaked into the theatre with a mask on to watch the midnight showing of Jinling City; it was really good, so he wasn't surprised that he lost.

He didn't think Qin Chu stole his box office but to his surprise, the conflict Jian Tong's fans stirred up couldn't be calmed down. This wasn't how he wanted things to be.

Five minutes later, Jian Tong walked into Su Yu's office wearing a nude-colored dress; her hair was curled into big waves and her makeup made her look like a princess.

"You were looking for me, President Su?"

Jian Tong always treated Su Yu with respect#

She was a smart woman who remained indifferent in front of both glory and humiliation.

When Su Yu treated her well, she didn't flaunt. When Su Yu ignored her, she didn't act depressed.

That was why Jian Tong was able to stand tall at Imperial Star for so long, defeating people like Zhao Qingya, Annie Liang, and Mian Mian.

"What's up with your fans? Did you ask them to do that?" Su Yu frowned as he looked up at Jian Tong.

"I didn't, President Su. If you're asking me about this incident, then I'm obligated to provide you with an explanation."

"Go ahead." Su Yu looked down and took a sip of his Longjing tea.